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The WOD Nation Jump Rope Review

Even though jump ropes appear to be a very basic form of exercising equipment, it’s not. Every jump rope is different in terms of weight, design and functionality. If you’re not using the right rope, you’re not going to benefit as much as you should. Make no mistake; any exercise is good exercise, but not when you’re serious about your WODs. If you’re the type of person that pays attention to every rotation, you’ll know why choosing the right equipment is so crucial. And if you’ve considered the WOD Nation jump rope then you’re on the right track though.

The WOD Nation Jump rope kicks ass, and it won’t be yours

There’s no better way to put it really, because it has more than a thousand reviews on amazon and 99% of users love it. Apart from one or two minor issues, which were sorted after contacting the developer, there’s nothing negative about the WOD Nation Jump rope. It’s durable, it’s fast, and it gives you the double under you’ve been looking for.

wod nation jump rope

A Closer Look

Starting with the handles of the WOD Nation jump rope, they are made with ballistic plastic. Within these handles there are lighting fast and smooth ball bearings to make the rotations pretty much effortless. The metal extension spindle consists of an eyeball bearing tip, which reacts specifically to cable adjustments.

wod nation jump rope

Cutting and adjusting the length of the rope is incredibly easy and is done with a pair of wire-cutters. Apart from being one of the most affordable jump speed ropes on the market, it’s also one of the most versatile. Whether you’re training for a boxing match or the CrossFit games, it will fit into your workout.

Start Hitting Those Double Unders

But let’s get to the main point, which is buying a jump rope that allows easy double unders. There are several reasons why you might be struggling with them so much. For example, the weight of the rope is too heavy or too light. It could also be the lack of bearing support, or simply the fact that you’re borrowing someone’s rope and it’s not adjusted to your comfort.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a rope that fits your needs, such as the one from WOD nation. If you’re still having doubts, just read the 1800 reviews on Amazon. From the customer service to actually using the rope in the gym, it has received a lot of praise. It’s not going to tangle or lose it’s shape, as one reviewer pointed out when comparing it to the Rogue jump rope.

With the WOD Nation jump rope you’ll quickly be switching from single rotations to double unders. You can also expect it to last for a very long time. It’s just a question of whether you can keep up. To help you get there, here’s a step-by-step video that shows you how to work your way towards those dreaded double unders. When you’re done, check out our suggestions for the best CrossFit shoe designs for 2017.

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