Top Brands in CrossFit Socks and Your Options

If you’re a CrossFitter then you’ll know you need every edge you can get. Whether you’re training to go to the Games, or if you simply want to be at your top physical level, every aspect counts. In other words, even the gear you wear makes a difference. As a beginner, the socks you choose won’t feel like a big decision. But as you continue to fine-tune your technique your socks will eventually become a focus point. So, let’s get into the different types of top brands in CrossFit socks

Why Choose Socks Specifically for CrossFit?

There isn’t just one type of sock for CrossFit. Just like you get different types of trainers, you can utilize different socks for different WODs. For example, if you’re going to take on a deadlift workout you want to protect your shins. This is where knee-high or compression socks come in very handy, because they usually have some type of extra padding for added protection. To give you a better idea of why you should pay attention to the socks you where, here is a look at the different types you can get, along with the brands that design them.

Knee-high Socks

As mentioned earlier, knee-high socks are very popular in boxes around the world. Also referred to as deadlift socks, they offer protection for your shins. If you’ve had the liberty of feeling the friction from the bar or slightly missing your target with box jump, you’ll know why these socks have become synonymous with CrossFit. But it’s not just about the protection, because let’s face it, they are very stylish. You get them in many different designs that will suite your style.

top brands in crossfit socks

Some of the top brands you’ll find for knee-high CrossFit socks are Adidas and Rogue. The latter brand is an official sponsor for CrossFit, which means they offer a wide range special knee-high socks specifically for CrossFit.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are considered a special type of knee-high sock, because it has more benefits. One of the leading brands in this category is Rikedom. But what makes them so special exactly? First of all, they offer protection just like typical knee-high socks. At the same time compression socks speed up recovery time between workouts while giving you a little more strength. These socks are designed to stabilize the muscles, which why they speed up recover and increase your strength capabilities.


Take note that compression socks don’t always follow the “sock” pattern. Many designs from Rikedom come in the form of calf guards. This means they stretch from the ankle to the knee. But if you’re going to choose the complete cover compression sock from Rikedom then you can expect them to be made from antibacterial fibers, which helps to prevent the bad smell that comes with a hard day’s workout. Plus, the socks will stay in place. You won’t need to pull them up every 5 minutes.

No-show Socks

Last but not least, there are no-show socks you can use if you don’t like knee-high or compression socks. One of the top brands in CrossFit socks you want to look out for in this case is Reebok, because they make some of the best CrossFit no-show socks on the market. Even though knee-highs are associated with the CrossFit movement, there are many who prefer the sleeker look.


But it’s not just about the style, because these socks by Reebok are made with active people in mind. For starters, they are very lightweight, so they feel comfortable in any shoe you wear. Secondly, they are made with special anti-bacterial fibers. This reduces the risk of foot odor, which is especially helpful when you’re among fellow CrossFitters. Thirdly, they come with built-in support for the arch of your foot. It helps to keep you a little more stable during workouts.

Our Top Brands in CrossFit Socks Recommendations

To recap and summarize the top brands in CrossFit socks, if you’re looking for a good knee-high sock you can’t go wrong with Rogue. In fact, they have a wide range of CrossFit sock choices you can browse. You might also try the soccer socks by Addidas, which are also fairly popular.

The best compression socks no doubt belong to Rikedom. Just like Rogue, they have an extensive range to choose from, so do yourself a favor and check out their sport socks section. You’ll find calf guard and complete compression designs, just in case you have a preference.

In the no-show sock section you can’t go wrong with Reebok. They are designing these specifically for the CrossFit market and they do more than hide below your trainers. Thanks to the special fibers and arch support, you won’t be distracted by the though of embarrassing foot odor.

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