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The Top 10 Headphones for Crossfit

One should never underestimate the power of music, even in the world of Crossfit. While people typically regard music as a way to switch to a better mood or get the party started, it does a lot more. With the right music, you can stay focused for longer, you can feel more confident and hyped, and it can inspire you to go that extra mile. Of course, some Crossfit athletes just like listening to some tunes while they sweat it out. And if you like working out to music, then please stick around for a look at the top 10 headphones for Crossfit.

What Are We Looking For In The Top 10 Headphones For Crossfit?

If you are passionate about music, you’ll know that different headphones provide different sound quality. But you are not planning on sitting in your room while using the best workout headphones. You are looking for headphones that will kick out high-quality sound while allowing you to move freely. Keep in mind that you are searching for the best wireless headphones for Crossfit, seeing as you don’t want any unnecessary restrictions or limitations.

You also want your Crossfit Bluetooth headphones to be water and sweat resistant, which is why you’ll notice the IPX ratings in the following reviews. This tells you how capable the headphones are in terms of sweat and water resistance. The higher the IPX rating, the more sweat and water it can take. For example, a pretty good rating is a 4, but an even better rating would be a 7.

We will also be taking into account how much noise the headphones cancel out, although, this is more of a personal preference you have to decide on. And lastly, there is the question of battery power. So, now that we have a better idea of what we are looking for in the top 10 headphones for Crossfit, it’s time to get started.

Phaiser BHS-750 Bluetooth Headphones

top 10 headphones for crossfit

Starting with the best budget buy that allows for great outside noise cancellation when using the Comply memory foam tips, the Phaiser BHS-750 Bluetooth Headphones are very impressive. They come with a high IPX rating, meaning they effectively withstand sweat and water, the battery life is great, and the Bluetooth connection doesn’t let you down no matter what type of exercise you do. They stay in place while giving good sound quality as well. Plus, the magnets at the back of the phones make them stay together when you are not using them, but you still want them around your neck.

IPX Rating: 7
Battery Life: 8-hours


  • Good quality for a low price
  • A set of Comply memory tips are included, which helps with quality and noise cancellation
  • Magnets on the buttons keep the headphones stuck together when not in use


  • When you sweat, the neck wire can get a little sticky around the back of the neck.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Bluetooth Workout Headphones

top 10 headphones for crossfit

Another set some regard as the best wireless headphones for Crossift is no doubt the Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Bluetooth Workout Headphones. Specifically designed for athletes who like music during a swim or even in the shower, this set from Plantronics could be perfect for your next workout. You can access Siri or Alexa and take phone calls, but don’t expect it to block out ambient noise. In other words, if you like hearing the action around you, consider this headset.

IPX Rating: 7
Battery-Life: 8-hours


  • Instead of a neck wire, a firm yet flexible band is used
  • Incredibly durable, especially when it comes to water and sweat resistance
  • They don’t block out ambient noise if that is what you are looking for.


  • Not the best clarity when making phone calls (the person you call might have difficulty hearing)

BlueAnt Pump – Wireless HD Sportbuds

You could be looking at the best workout headphones with the BlueAnt Pump – Wireless HD Sportbuds. Not only does it easily pair with phones and tablets, but they earbuds always stay where you need them to, no matter how intense your workout gets. Thanks to the Kevlar and Teflon, combined with a watertight mesh, you don’t have to worry about any moisture getting in where it is not supposed to. More importantly, these are great quality at a competitive price. In terms of noise cancellation, they are moderately effective.

IPX Rating: 8
Battery-Life: 8-hours and a beep warning when the battery is low


  • One of the best in terms of water and sweat resistance
  • The range is typically longer than normal Bluetooth wireless headphones (connects up to 100m)
  • Good quality sound


  • Carry case for headphones not included
  • Not designed for swimming

SENSO Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Another great budget buy you’ll come across would be the
SENSO Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. With an impressive IPX rating to make it durable in wet conditions and the adjustable ear-pieces for the perfect fit, nothing is stopping in your way from enjoying your next WOD to the fullest. As for the noise cancellation feature, it is safe to say it blocks out a great deal of ambient noise, but not everything. And, of course, these babies have great sound.

IPX Rating:
Battery-Life: 8-hours


  • One of the budget buys if you are serious about using the best headphones for Crossfit
  • 3 Silicone tips and a memory foam tip gets added with the package
  • You get amazing sound
  • Very durable


  • Some users said they did experience some audio skipping

TREBLAB X2 Bluetooth Earbuds

If you want to go truly wireless with your workout, you should look at the Treblab X2 Bluetooth earbuds. While the design resembles that of the airpod, it doesn’t cost nearly as much and it comes with some great features. For example, several ear fins and silicone tips are added to provide you with the best possible fit. Then they have HD sound quality, as well as the choice if you want to block out ambient noise or not via the noise cancellation tips. Of course, you get Siri support as well. The only problem you might have is battery life.

IPX Rating: 4
Battery-Life: 5 hours (5 hours extra with charging box)


  • Enough ear fins and tips to give you a custom fit
  • You can choose to cancel out ambient noise
  • Great price
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Make and receive phone calls


  • Only 5 hours of extra battery power with the charging box

Apple Airpods

While the Apple Airpods are not considered as the perfect headphones for Crossfit, the smart technology that goes into them is why you see them at the gym. For one, it can sense when you are using the earplugs or not. When you put them in, they start playing. When you take them out, they stop. Of course, you can expect top quality sound. However, it doesn’t come with an IPX rating. So, while they are sweat resistant, you don’t want to test them too much in wet conditions.

Battery-Life: 5-hours (24-hours extra with charging station)


  • Great design
  • More than enough battery-life
  • Easy pairing with other Bluetooth devices
  • Take phone calls and make them


  • Not the most water resistant
  • Can slip out if you don’t use silicone covers

Buy Airpods

Anker ZOLO Liberty

Another set of truly wireless headphones that stand out are Anker Zolo Liberty. And while they cancel out the noise around you, there is a feature where turn on the mic, meaning you can listen to what goes on around you without having to take out the earbuds. The tips are designed to offer a twist and slide mechanism for staying in place, and the sound quality is great.

IPX Rating: 5
Batter-Life: 3.5-Hours (Added boost from charge station of up to 48-hours)


  • Using the smartphone app, you can toggle the EQ for the headphones
  • Great battery life in terms of using the charge station
  • Choose if you want ambient noise or not


  • Not everybody likes the twist and slide mechanism that holds the headphones in place

Jaybird X3 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Many athletes will not leave their homes without their Jaybird X3 In-Ear Wirless Bluetooth Sports headphones. And while it doesn’t have an official IPX rating, these babies are pretty resilient in terms of handling sweat thanks to the hydrophobic nano coating. Naturally, you are not going to swim with them, but you will customize the fit perfectly thanks to the separate bag of tips. The design is discreet, it’s easy to get your phone calls, and they are very durable.

Battery-Life: 8-hours


  • Highly-customizable tips for the best fit
  • Amazing sound quality on all levels
  • The flat cord sits comfortably


  • Some users said the sweat-resistant coating peeled away after extensive use

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones

Many consider these to be the best wireless headphones for Crossfit, and there are several reasons behind this opinion. For one, it comes with a great price. Secondly, the buttons are convenient and easy for switching between songs or even taking calls. Thirdly, they are water resistant enough to be submerged in shallow water. They don’t cancel out ambient noise, and they don’t lose connection.

IPX Rating: 7
Battery-Life: 7-hours


  • Great value for money
  • Impressive water and sweat resistance
  • The audio signal doesn’t cut out


  • Might not be comfortable for athletes with small ears

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

We end off our top 10 headphones for Crossfit list with the Bose SoundSport pair. They offer great sound, and the fit is loved by most who wear it. They don’t cancel out ambient noise, but they can take huge amounts of sweat, their pair quickly, and phone calls are made quite comfortably.

IPX Rating: 4
Batter-Life: 6-hours


  • Good quality sound
  • A fit that seems to please most people


  • Not everyone likes the round neck cable, given that it can cause friction

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