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The Magic Pills For Double Unders

The consequences of doing a double under the wrong way is a smack against the head or the shin. Given the pain that is sometimes associated with these smacks, it’s not exactly easy to stay motivated. So if you’ve been looking for the magic pills that are going to fix your double under problem, you’re in luck, because we have some for you. However, I should mention that these are CrossFit magic pills, and CrossFit magic pills don’t work like the ones you take to instantly lose weight or build muscle overnight. A CrossFit magic pill makes you smarter and eventually helps you to work harder. So, if you’re ready to master the double under then these are the pills you are going to need.

Pill No. 1 – Keep Some Space Between Your Feet

By keeping your feet too close together, which is something that typically happens when you decide to move into a double under from a single jump, you are going to spend more time finding your balance than jumping. The only thing you want to worry about is getting into the air quickly and having enough leverage, so maintain a hip-distance between your feet and stay on your toes. It’s not a deal breaker if your heels touch the floor, but the contact should remain at a minimum. Take note that not everyone has this balance problem, so if you find it easier to keep your feet close together then more power to you.

Pill No. 2 – Use Your Wrists

By using your whole arm to swing the rope you will quickly learn it’s not very effective. That’s because it’s all in the wrist. Start off with single jumps and notice how you can keep the rhythm of the revolutions steady by only using your wrists. But before you go into a double under, play around with the speed. You have to learn to control the consistency of the revolution and how to adjust the speed before you can attempt that dreadful double under. If you took some time to look at the professionals, you’ll notice the only obvious change is the height of their jump.

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Pill No. 3 – Keep Your Legs Straight

In theory you should be able to get more time for a double under by bending your knees and pulling your feet back while in the air. In practice it’s not going to work. You’re cutting into your rebound time and you’re increasing the pressure of your landing, which will lead to a few smacks from the rope. So, keep your legs fairly straight while in the air and only bend your knees slightly as you land in order to absorb some of the shock.


Pill No. 4 – Keep Your Elbows Close To Your Ribs

Given that all the speed and consistency from the rope is generated by your wrists, it’s important to keep your elbows close to your ribs. The moment your arms start to move away from your torso you are decreasing your jumping space. Remember that your arms should only serve to keep your wrists in a steady position. They are not part of the movement.

Pill No. 5 – Learning The Ropes

Of course you want to start out with a rope that you feel comfortable with, so play around with different thickness and weight. The perfect length for a rope should measure from your foot to the space between your armpit and breastbone. Once you have a rope that you can easily control you can incorporate the other four pills mentioned above. However, don’t get used to just one rope. By trying different ropes you will learn how to adjust your technique on the fly, although this is going to be hard for newbies.


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