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The 2016 CrossFit Games – Are You Ready?

It’s almost that time of the year again when CrossFit junkies come together to push the limits. Even though the 2015 CrossFit Games ensured high adrenaline situations, 2016 will most likely be better. As the number of participants increase and skills become more developed, there is no telling what excitement is waiting when the games kick off in late February.

Highlights from 2015

For those who had the liberty of watching the CrossFit Games last year, they’ll know there were several memorable moments. A big upset came with the first event featuring thrusters and rope climbs. As the Pacific team gained a lead and managed to maintain it, the second group of American women proved that leads only serve as motivation. Chyna Cho didn’t just close the gap, but she also shifted the standings in the American teams’ favor. Lucas Parker also turned things around for the Canadian team as he took them to second place.

In the second event – Women’s Team Speed Clean – there was a surprise waiting for the participants. Instead of using barbells, as everyone expected, it was changed to Atlas stones. In the first heat team Europe took the lead, but Pacific managed to take the win despite Toomey’s lack of experience. But in the end it was Camille Leblanc-Bazinet from Canada who carried the 160lbs weight across the finish line first, closely followed by Emily Abbott from the USA.


The whole event was a close-call form start to finish and every year it keeps getting better. In the final standings USA stood on top with 20 points, Canada took second place with 14 points, Pacific ended third with 12 and Europe had to settle for 4th place and 6 points.

2016 CrossFit Games

The dates have been released and registration has been opened. Stage One – The Open, kicks off on Feb 25 for five weeks, ending March 28. Last year no less than 272 000 people signed up. If you’re 14 and older and you’ve got the skills, register now.

Stage 2A – The Masters Qualifier, where the cream of the crop is chosen, will take place April 21 – 25. This will be followed by Stage 2B – The Regionals. Only the best candidates are invited to participate from May 13 till May 29.

Last but not least Stage 3 – The Games, will takes place from 19 to 24 July. Now you just have to decide if you want to stand on the sideline and give your warm support or do you want to be out there going through the extremes? Because all the information you need can be found HERE.

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