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Samantha Briggs – The Engine Keeps Going

Samantha Briggs has just set the world’s fastest time on Open Workout 16.5 at 7:36, cutting 55 seconds off her own personal best, and she looks stronger than ever. Samantha Briggs, or simply Sam in the CrossFit community, is a 33 year old athlete from the UK. Before she got into CrossFit she was a Manchester firefighter and she also participated in triathlons, duathlons and football. She is by far one of the toughest competitors the CrossFit community has ever seen.


Samantha Briggs; Where it All Started

Sam was born on March 14, 1982, and since she can remember she’s been an active girl. In 2009, before she was introduced to CrossFit, she was already spending loads of time at the gym and participating in the sports mentioned earlier. After attending one CrossFit class she immediately made the switch and she’s never looked back. It was a very basic industrial unit with basic equipment, but it was enough to get her interested. Sam also adds that the community and support made the transition much easier.

From there her career took off and today she’s a very popular athlete among all CrossFit lovers. Rightfully nicknamed “The Engine”, Briggs had a good start when she began competing. In the 2010 Games she got 19th overall, which is not bad for a rookie, but a year later she showed everyone how quickly she planned on climbing the ranks. At the 2011 Games she finished just short of the podium with an impressive 4th overall.


Unfortunately she wasn’t able to compete in 2012 due to a knee injury that had plagued her for years. In March she was forced to pull out of the competition and take a step back. This was also the time when her training regime took a dramatic turn and the focus switched to upper-body exercises.

In 2013 she was back with more than just a little motivation. She out-performed everyone and took 1st place at the Games. Even though there have been suggestions that Briggs only won because Annie Thorisdottir was taking time off to heal from a back injury, but these suggestions are neither here nor there. The best athlete won at the right time.

In 2014 the maximum distance handstand event at the European open crushed her chances of reaching the Games. But in 2015 she came back like a rocket and got a 4th position, despite the injuries she was dealing with at the time. The most memorable moment of her career, apart from setting a new time on Open Workout 16.5, was completing Murph in the 2015 games as if it was a walk in the park. Several of her competitors, including Annie Thorisdottir, suffered heat related injuries while The Engine finished more than a minute ahead of her closest competitor, Alethea Boon.


Diet and Lifestyle

Sam doesn’t follow a strict diet. Instead, she tries to eat as natural as possible and when she feels like having a special snack, she’ll indulge a little bit. In terms of spacing her workouts, she believes her body recovers much quicker when she stays active. So instead of taking a rest day she’ll do some light exercises like jogging or swimming.



Fran 2:35
Grace 1:35


Clean & Jerk 100 kg
Snatch 82 kg
Deadlift 175 kg
Back Squat 125 kg
Max Pull-ups 49

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