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Top 10 Equipment for an Awesome Outdoor Crossfit Box

Let’s face it, you don’t always have time to get to the gym. Sometimes you just want to have a quick workout before heading to work, or get in some reps when you come back. Or maybe you just like to do things on your own for a change. Don’t you just wish you had an awesome outdoor Crossfit rig?

How do you approach this problem?

You set up your own outdoor Crossfit Box at home. By getting the right equipment you simply have to step out the backdoor and start killing some WODs. For beginner CrossFitters who still feel too intimidated to join a nearby gym, this is a particularly smart way to start.

The following list compiles the top 10 equipment for an awesome outdoor CrossFit box. With this combination of workout equipment you can get that full body workout. So, whether you simply don’t have time for the gym, or you want to have a modest start before joining a box, I suggest you continue reading.

Rep Fitness Kettlebells for Your Outdoor CrossFit Box

You’ll never walk into a box that doesn’t have a wide range of kettlebells. This is because they form part of the foundation of CrossFit. The Rep Fitness Kettlebells addresses several problems individuals tend to have with this specific type of CrossFit equipment. For example, they have a durable coating that doesn’t strip away after continued use. It also has a comfortable grip that doesn’t slip around in your hand.


Use the Rep Fitness Kettlebells to focus on your swings, presses, cleans, and even your core workouts. It’s high piece of equipment that will speak directly to your awesome outdoor CrossFit box.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

Here we have one of the top selling rowing machines, the Concept2 Model D. It ensures a full-body low-impact workout while the flywheel design keeps the noise to a minimum. Thanks to the performance monitor you can keep track of every row and the caster wheel allows you to move it around easily. Your outdoor box simply won’t be complete without it. This is as solid as you’re going to get with a rowing machine, so don’t just focus on the price-range here. Take into consideration what it will do for your workout.

rowing machine

Elite Surge Jump Rope

Struggling with those double-unders? Within the high-quality handles of the Elite Surge jump rope there are two ball bearings. They make sure the rope spins more freely, giving you an edge over those dreaded double unders. The rope is nylon coated, which means it doesn’t wear out as quickly. It’s one of the fastest ropes on the market that can handle spins 7+ per second. Use this baby to improve agility, strength and speed without breaking a sweat.

speed jump rope

Rep 3 in 1 Wood Plyo Box

Take your CrossFit workouts to another level with the Rep 3 in 1 Wood Plyo Box. You’ll have it assembled in 15 minutes tops, but you’ll be using for much longer. The edges have been sanded down for more safety and it’s perfect for box jumps, step-ups and box squats. It comes in various sizes and dimensions to fit your comfort level as well. Thanks to the stability and quality you’ll only need to worry about making that next jump count.

crossfit box

CAP Barbell Olympic Bar & Premium Black Bumper Plate Weights

What would your CrossFit box be without a proper bar and weights? Starting with the CAP Barbell Olympic bar, which is 2 inches in diameter and 7 feet long. The weight capability of the bar is 1000 pounds+ and it features a black oxide finish with polished steel sleeves.


As for the weights you can load it with, you can’t go wrong with the Premium Black Bumper Plates. They are made of solid rubber and a steel insert, and they are designed to give a low bounce with high durability. These babies can take a hit with the best of them and don’t do damage while absorbing the drops.

bumper plates

Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar

Capable of holding up to 500 pounds, the Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Bar is a solid choice for heavy duty pull ups. The height can be adjusted according to the ceiling or your length, making it a very versatile piece of equipment for any outdoor Crossfit rig. Note that the wall mountings are not included in the package though.

pull up bar

WODies 2in1 WOD Grips

Even though CrossFit is associated with enduring some heavy strain, it only makes sense to protect sensitive areas. In this case you want to help your hands keep up with your WODs, in addition to giving your wrists the necessary support. The WODies 2in1 WOD Grips is great choice for this specific purpose. It gives you a natural glide and you don’t have to worry about bunching or pinching of any kind. Just make sure you use the right measurements before placing your order. A must for using any outdoor Crossfit rig.

wod grips

Reebok Soft-Shell Medicine Ball

With medicine balls you’re looking for a consistent design that maintains neutral spine increasing stability and max power. This is exactly what you’ll find with the Reebok Soft-Shell Medicine Ball. It features a durable vinyl construction, along with being moisture and scuff resistant. There’s the added bonus that it’s been made by Dynamax, a well-known brand on the market.

medicine ball

Titan Fitness HD Weight Sled

The Titan Fitness HD Weight Sled is going to help you build speed and strength all at the same time. It’s incredibly easy to assemble, and once you’ve got all the bolts locked you’ve a sturdy piece of equipment that can be used on just about any surface. Olympic plates are the appropriate match and you can load it with 600 pounds if you’re feeling particularly strong. As the name suggests, it’s perfect for heavy duty pushing and pulling.


Zeny Black 1.5″/ 2″ Width Poly Dacron 30/40/50ft Length Battle Rope

It’s time to complete your outdoor CrossFit box with a quality rope that’s not going to break the bank. This particular rope from Zeny has a very balanced weight, it’s very durable, and it will take your strength training to the next level. It features heat sink caps on the ends, waterproof sleeve protection and it’s made from 100% poly dacron material.


Now that we’ve covered the top 10 equipment for an awesome outdoor CrossFit box, why are you still waiting? Start placing those orders and bring the CrossFit experience right to your home.

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