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Nike Crossfit Shoes – Comparing the Metcon Series

The Metcon series from Nike definitely has an interesting history, starting with Josh Bridges. He was the one who tested the first Metcon prototype at the 2014 Regionals. And he killed the competition with Nike on his feet.

His input and testing saw the introduction of the Metcon 1 in 2015. The design was in such a big demand that when it dropped in Europe, the stock was sold out in the first 24-hours. But after getting banned from the Crossfit games, Nike kept developing.

They maintained their relationship with professional Crossfit athletes, such as Lauren Fisher, to produce a trainer that can literally handle anything you throw at it.

In 2016, the Metcon 2 was released. The improved features were distinct, such as the additional heel clip and breathable material. The following year, Nike released the Metcon 3. This design effectively combined what Nike has been trying to achieve the whole time. Functionality, stability, flexibility, and visually appealing colorways made Metcon 3 the favorite.

Then came the new and improved Metcon 4, proving to everyone that the company is heading in the right direction for Crossfit athletes. More durability and versatility ultimately helped to cement the Metcon series in a class of its own.

But just when you think it can’t get better, Nike introduces the Metcon 5. .

The Diversity of the Metcon Series


Metcon Version 1

Metcon Version 1

Crossfit is not exactly an easy sport to gear up for.

For instance, a weightlifter knows that a low-heel shoe with the necessary support is critical for the best possible performance.

A runner, on the other hand, will be looking for a higher heel and a snug fit at the forefoot. But with Crossfit, how exactly do you prioritize if you only want one pair of trainers? Well, there are several Nike Crossfit shoes that aim to strike a balance between the variety of WODs. And the Metcon series highlights this attempt.

As you probably know, the Metcon 4 is the latest release from Nike, and it was shortly released after the DSX Flynit 2 model.

So, we’ll be comparing these two updates with each other. In addition, we’ll look at how they compare with their predecessors in the Metcon series. Hopefully, it will create a clear picture of how Nike is evolving with Crossfit athletes and their versatile needs.

Quick Overview of Metcon Repper DSX

nike crossfit shoes

Metcon Repper DSX

This particular trainer gained its popularity based on the comfortable fit and the overall lightweight.

The Flyknit upper ensures there is enough air circulation, and it doesn’t limit you in terms of mobility. Thanks to the sticky outsole, you are confident on various surfaces, and the trainer features a Phylon midsole. The design also features a flat heel for good support during weightlifting.

Although, it is not deemed as the perfect Nike Crossfit shoe by everyone. And given that every athlete is different somehow, there could be one or two issues. For example, the heel collar sits a little too low for some, while others had some problems with the durability of the seams.


  • Very comfortable fit
  • Lightweight, yet stable
  • Good traction control on various surfaces
  • Phylon midsole


  • Not considered the most versatile
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Quick Overview of Metcon 3

Metcon 3 nike crossfit shoes

Metcon 3

It is safe to say that the Metcon 3 was a big leap for Nike Crossfit shoes, and it helped the brand to extend its market size with this particular sport.

While the Metcon 2 came close, it still had some issues that prevented it from rising about the tough competition coming from brands like Reebok, the official Crossfit sponsor.

With the Metcon 3, Nike focused on making the shoe more durable, comfortable, and flexible. You’ll find a drop in the midsole, and it has a flat disposition that provides a more natural feel underfoot. The traction design is also an improvement from the Metcon 2, and there is a great balance between stability at the back and flexibility at the front.

The Pros

  • Incredibly durable and supportive
  • Versatile and flexible between distinctly different WODS
  • Stunning design
  • Lightweight but very stable with a comfortable fit

The Cons

  • Selected users said the trainer is too stiff when used over a long period
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Metcon DSX Flyknit 2

Metcon DSX Flyknit 2

Metcon DSX Flyknit 2

The Metcon DSX Flyknit 2 isn’t exactly miles from the original when it comes to different design approaches.

The Flyknit technology for which the original was popular is still relevant with the follow-up design, providing lateral support for the athlete who wears them. You also get the sturdy outsole with the tri-star tread pattern as used on the original.

As for the updates, you are looking at a drop-in midsole, which adds more flexibility and less compression. Also, the traditional collar at the back has been replaced with a heel tab cushion, although this change was based on aesthetic reasons more than performance issues.

The Pros

  • Stable base for weight training
  • Comfortable during a range of different exercises
  • Lightweight and it doesn’t feel restrictive in spite of the snug fit

The Cons

  • Possible heel slippage
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Metcon 4

metcon 4 best crossfit shoes 2018

Metcon 4

When Nike set out to design the Metcon 4, they used a “don’t fix what ain’t broke” approach.

They based a lot of the finished product on the principles they used for the Metcon 3. It was popular, it provided enough support for a sport like Crossfit, and you could own a pair for a very long time.

Looking at some distinct differences between 3 and 4, the upper mesh is more heavy-duty with the older pair of trainers, while a more breathable and thinner mesh upper is used for the new model. And even though this can raise doubt about durability, the Haptic Technology Nike used should set your mind at ease.

The Pros

  • Incredibly versatile and particularly impressive stability for weightlifting
  • Appealing color choices
  • Comfortable and supportive fit
  • Lightweight
  • Can also be used for casual wear

The Cons

  • Not everyone will like the wider heel
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Metcon 4 Compared to DSX Flyknit 2

So we know that the Metcon 4 is basically a winning adjustment to the Metcon 3, but how does it compare to the DSX Flyknit update?

Comparison between Metcon 4 and DSX Flyknit 2

  • Heel to Toe Drop

Metcon 4: 4mm
DSX Flyknit 2: 6mm

  • Outer Material

Metcon 4: Sandwich Mesh Flywire
DSX Flyknit 2: Flyknit material with Flywire towards the front of the shoe

  • Outsole

Metcon 4: Sticky rubber with tri-star tread pattern
DSX Flyknit 2: Full-length rubber sole with tri-star tread pattern

  • Midsole

Metcon4: Dense rubber with extra layer for extra shock absorbing
DSX Flyknit 2: Removable dense rubber

What About Metcon 3 iD and 4 iD?

Metcon iD Series

Metcon 3 iD and 4 iD Series

If you are wondering about the 3 iD and 4 iD versions in the Metcon series, they are exactly the same as the Metcon 3 and 4 you buy in the store.

The only difference is that you get to style the shoe according to your specific taste and colorways. That’s right, you just go to Nike’s online store and get more details about how you can design your own pair of Metcon’s.

So, all the info about Metcon 3 and 4 mentioned above can be applied to the iD versions. But with your personal touch.

View the range of 4 iD

Metcon 5

crossfit shoes

July 8, 2019, marks the official release date for Nike’s latest attempt at providing athletes with overall perfection. In fact, if you were hoping to get your hands on the Matcon (Mat Fraser Special Edition), it’s already sold out. But the regular Metcon 5 is still available and it’s getting some good reviews.

This is because the latest design has seen several changes in flexibility and running performance. But in terms of getting more specific about the changes, this is how the Metcon 5 compares to the Metcon 4.

  • Great for rope climbing and descending thanks to the chain-link pattern used for the upper, as well as the higher peak and increased surfaces area to work with in terms of grip
  • Increased cushioning for the tongue, providing a lock-down fit and better support
  • A slightly wider heel for added stability during lifts or squats
  • Dual-density drop-in midsole, which provides better flexibility and impact absorption in the forefoot area
  • The outsole features a new stickier rubber design
  • The Hyperlift Insert (8mm for men and 6mm for women) can be used for added stability during heavy lifts, and it can be used on every Metcon design

The general opinion about the Metcon 5 really does lean towards better flexibility, comfort, and increased running performance. And whether you agree that the Hyperflift Insert can actually help for stability during heavy lifts depends on what works better for you. The design is also softer than the 4 and 3, and it will probably feel like you are not getting the same reaction during activities that involve jumping.

But there is no denying that Metcon 5 is showing the potential to be the best in the series. Although, it’s too soon to tell at this point in time. What can be said with more certainty is that Nike might have compromised the stability in order to improve the versatility of the trainer. Because in truth, it does seem to outshine the 4 when it comes to approaching diverse WODs, except where heavy lifting is involved. It won’t be surprising to hear that some athletes would still go with their Metcon 4 design if really heavy lifting is necessary.

The Pros

  • Increased flexibility
  • Attractive colorways
  • Comfortable fit
  • Great for rope climbs
  • Overall stability during different WODs

The Cons

  • Isolated issues with the upper tearing away from the rubber sole
  • Less reaction and bounce during jumps
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The Nike Crossfit Shoes Verdict?

Expect more flexibility from the DSX models, but better stability and support with the Metcon 4. As for the Metcon 5, it’s worth checking out as the best overall when compared with previous designs in the series.

Metcon Series DSX

Metcon 4 Series DSX

And overall, the newest member of the Metcon family is slightly superior where versatility is concerned, but it’s definitely going to boil down to personal opinion. Some prefer the speed of the Flyknit, and others want the support and stability from the Metcon 4.

All in all, you can’t really go wrong when choosing either one of the Nike Crossfit shoes mentioned above. But it has to be said – the Metcon 5 is Nike’s best work so far if you use it for this versatile sport.

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