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My Life, My CrossFit

In 2008 a NHL player for the Florida Panthers, Richard Zednik, was rushed to the hospital after getting his neck sliced open by a teammate’s skate. According to reports his carotid artery was almost completely severed and he is lucky to be alive. It wasn’t the first time something like this happened. If you check on Wikipedia you will also see that there are at least 51 recorded cases of boxers who died due to an injury sustained during a fight, not to mention the hearing loss associated with long-term boxing. What about the NFL? NBA? You can even find extreme injuries at the Olympics.

The point being, CrossFit seems to be the flavor of the day for modern critics and all you read about is the dangers that come with it. In fact, Pukie the clown is now being depicted as Uncle Rhabdo.


Let’s just get this out of the way before I continue, I love CrossFit. I hate Pukie.

Now, I’m not blind to the dangers associated with CrossFit, but I cannot ignore the advantages either. I also feel compelled to point out that people are getting cheered to have their brains literally knocked loose (this actually happened during a boxing match), but still they are encouraged by thousands of fans to beat each other to a bloody, swollen mess. Whether you see CrossFit as exercise or a sport, there isn’t anybody in the gym who is eager to kick your teeth in.

I’m not a fitness expert, a highly educated scholar or an activist. But I am a mother that needs to blow off some necessary steam for at least 30 minutes every day. I’m not looking to compete with professionals, nor am I looking to make a statement. I just want to go into that box, put myself through a variety of physical challenges that will make me feel bulletproof, and leave my stress dangling on the rings. When I walk out of there I feel recharged and ready for whatever the day holds in store.

Why don’t I do aerobics instead? Or some yoga? As safe as these alternatives might be, I’m a girl that needs more motivation. I need a better reason to put my body through its paces other than feeling more flexible. I need to feel empowered, and that’s why I do CrossFit. It is my drug of choice if you want to put it that way. Some people drink, others smoke, I do Fran and Angie.

So, I’m not going to get into a fight with those who seek to belittle what I’m passionate about. I am conscious of my limits and know when to push them. But I’m not going to be told that CrossFit is more dangerous than any other extreme sport or exercise out there. I get that not everyone is going to understand this concept and all I can say is that CrossFit isn’t for everyone. Thanks to the power of choice people can jog around the block instead or do Taebo in front of the television. I prefer to exercise every muscle of my body and I like to do it quickly. It’s my life, and my CrossFit. I’ll leave you with these wise words:


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  • Betsy Cutler

    This is awesome, my thoughts, feelings and sentiments exactly.

    • Charlet


      Author Reply

      Thank you Betsy. I’m glad you share my sentiment! 🙂