Starting Crossfit

My first 3 Months of Puke Worthy Workouts to a Brand New Fitness Addiction

My daughter was 4 months old when I stepped onto a scale for the first time since the beginning of my pregnancy. For a naturally slim person with an athletic build, the 20kgs I had picked up was enough to make my knees ache. Seriously ache. I was overweight for the first time in my life weighing in at a whopping 80kgs!

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I joined a typical gym – that didn’t work, I tried to eat healthy – that didn’t work, I even resorted to taking dietary supplements – that didn’t work either!

Basically, I didn’t have a hope in hell.

My husband, Neil, has been going on about Crossfit for years now and I truly believed that my body was not cut out for this kind of workout. That being said, I was now at a point where I had absolutely no choice. My body hurt, I was tired and sluggish and lets be honest, who would be attracted to Jabba the Hutt? Yep, thats who comes to mind when I think of myself back then. Nasty.

I decided to start small in October last year. I did a few small sessions at home. I eventually had my entire week planned out on our fridge and knew exactly what I was doing every single day. It started off slow with squats, sit ups, push ups and kettle bell swings etc. It was going well and I started to feel the difference mentally and physically.

I eventually joined a High Intensity Training and a Crossfit gym and was completely surprised at how much I LOVED my workouts. I go 3 times a week and the workouts are brutal! On a few occasions I nearly threw up, one time, I even cried. You know that you are going to hit your ‘wall’ with such force that you are going to want to swear at your trainer and walk out. If you are focused on something other than your body, which at this point is screaming out for you to stop, you will have something even better at the end of your workout than the relief of giving in to your tired body. You will have the absolute pleasure of saying “Hell yes! I owned that bitch” and that’s the magic!

It’s a mountain of a challenge where some days are just plain awful and others you get to the end of your session and feel like you could go on a little while longer. It’s all about keeping it going, reaching your goals, sweating in parts you never knew you could sweat and hurt in places you never knew you could hurt! It’s about seeing yourself in the mirror and liking the person who is staring back at you physically and mentally because not only is your body strong, but your mind is too.

Today, I am down 17kgs. I feel fantastic and best of all, I look like me again.

Rosie and Me

So, why dear God why, did I chose something that has broken me so many times? I can’t tell you how completely badass you feel, especially as a woman, to do kettlebell swings or back squats like a boss. There is something so satisfying about flipping and dragging tyres around, doing battle rope slams and yes, even climbing onto the Assault Bike (aka THE DEVIL BIKE)

The truth is, the stronger you get and the more comfortable you get with the movements, the more you want to keep at it. You can absolutely feel it in your body if you have got the moment down to a fine art and it becomes second nature. Nothing quite compares to getting your sweat on with some really cool, down to earth people who not only want you to succeed but they want you to smash that workout. It’s like having your mom on the side lines cheering you on.

Take it or leave it, Crossfit is great for your body and mind. It gets you motivated, gets you fit, strong and best of all, you’ll discover new things about yourself that you never knew – like how totally kickass you are.

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  • Betsy Cutler

    Samantha – I loved your story, very similar to mine. I too used to refer to myself as Jabba! Congrats.