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Jason Khalipa – The Fighter that won’t quit

“If you can’t tell yourself why you’re doing it, then don’t do it.” These are the wise words of a guy who has carried the CrossFit torch for almost a decade now. Jason Khalipa has enjoyed positions on the podium and he has seen what it looks like at the back of the line. So if there is anybody you can draw inspiration from, it’s this guy.

Where it All Started for Jason Khalipa

When looking at Jason’s personal life, it’s obvious he’s a guy who knows what he wants. In high school he started dating his future wife, Ashley, and before he began his own little CrossFit empire, he only had one job at a conventional gym while attending California’s Santa Clara University. In 2006 the CrossFit bug got to him and he started training under the guidance of Austin Begiebing. Two years later he grabbed the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” at the 2008 Games. For those who have been following the Games for all these years, you’ll know that there was one person that brought out the best in Jason Khalipa, namely Rich Froning.

The 30 year old Jason has been a consistent force at the Games since he started competing and in 2014 he finished third on the podium. He’s also been part of the USA team that competed at CrossFit World. However, in 2015 he decided to retire from individual competition and is now focusing on the team events, given his own CrossFit flagship, NorCal. When Jason was asked about the hardest WOD he had to face at the Games he referred to the 2009 opening event that took place at Camp Pendleton. It was a 7.1 mile run on a varied terrain. His 2008 title made him one of the favorites, but when he finished in the 72th spot the dream of gaining that title again vanished.


Did Jason Khalipa give up? Hell no. Despite falling several times during the run and receiving medical attention afterward, he went on to win the following event, which was the deadlift ladder. Nobody thought we would be able to continue, much less win another event. But he kept on beating the odds and finished the last four WODs with an impressive – 2nd, 2nd, 2nd and 5th. Despite his horrific start Jason still finished 5th overall, and it probably made him more popular than winning in 2008. Instead of walking away the fittest man on earth, he received the “Spirit of the Games” award, showing what CrossFit is really about.

His Diet and Lifestyle

One thing Jason Khalipa is always asked during an interview is how he balances the six different locations of his CrossFit empire and his family life with his wife and two kids. His answer is pretty simple, prioritize. When he’s busy with a workout and his phone starts to ring, he’s not going answer. When he’s spending time with his family, he’s also not going to answer the phone. Here is a guy that follows through when he puts his mind to something. In terms of his diet, he keeps it basic with meat and vegetables, and he doesn’t count calories. He calls it the old-school way of eating, although he won’t say no to cupcakes on his birthday.

You’ve got to not take things so seriously. I think sometimes people get so caught up in CrossFit. It’s like, CrossFit is great, but let’s take a step back and live our lives.


Jason is currently focusing on training the next generation of CrossFit winners.


Workout Times:

Fran – 2:17
Helen – 7:20
Grace – 1:33
Filthy 50 – 16:00
Fight Gone Bad – 427
Sprint 400m – 1:00
Run 5k – 23:20


Clean & Jerk – 355 lb
Snatch – 285 lb
Deadlift – 550 lb
Back Squat – 450 lb
Max Pull-ups – 64

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