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Jackie Crossfit WOD, what strategy should you take?

Meet Jackie Crossfit WOD, one of the popular ladies in CrossFit. She has a reputation for leaving the people she meets huffing on the ground, wishing they didn’t have arms. For all the newbies out there still learning the lingo, Jackie is constructed of:

The Jackie Crossfit WOD

– 1000 meter row

– 45 pound thrusters (50 reps)

– 30 pull-ups

Like most of the other CrossFit ladies, Jackie wants things done quickly. So the quicker you can get through her trials and tribulations the better. In this article we’ll be looking at how you can possibly increase the speed of the WOD by focusing on techniques provided by Jason Khalipa. Just in case you don’t know who he is, Jason set a new world record in 2013 for this benchmark WOD, clocking in at 5:04. If there is anybody that can give some good advice, it’s him.

Jackie Crossfit, Jackie WOD

Rowing for the Jackie Crossfit WOD

It’s important that you approach rowing with a three-step movement. Legs, hips, and arms.

This is the basic structure of good rowing. Keep your back tight as you get into position and slightly lean forward with your chest. Not even when you’re halfway through the pull should you hunch over.

Now it’s time for the three-step movement, which is extending your legs, opening your hips as you start to lean back, and following through with your arms. In fact, it’s pretty much the same movement involved with a clean.

The movement should be in a straight line and the pull should be one long drive, from where you extend your legs until you follow through with your arms, which gives you the opportunity to recover on the return.

Avoid short, hard bursts, because you want to let the turbine run as long as possible before taking another hit. Here’s the video of Jason showing everything in detail.

Thrusters for Jackie WOD

For Jason an efficient thrust is a front squat, with the bar resting on your shoulders, which drives into a push press and ends with punching the bar to the top.

The difficult part is connecting the front squat with a push press in one fluent motion. First off, the bar should be resting on your shoulders as you squat, while your elbows remain elevated. This is helpful for two reasons.

  1. It won’t put too much strain on your arms or tip your forward (if you’re squatting correctly)
  2. Your elbows add extra support and they won’t smash into your knees coming into the hole

When you come out of the hole you want to put out as much drive from your hips as possible, creating a momentum that will go through your shoulders and into the bar.

Seeing as the bar is resting on your shoulders it automatically becomes part of the momentum chain. After completing the push press you flip the bar onto your wrists and punch the bar overhead. In other words, you don’t want to use a death grip here, because it’s going to slow you down.

Here’s how Jason does it.

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Pull-Ups during Jackie WOD

Butterfly kipping is the ideal choice for getting a small number of reps done within a short amount of time, which makes it perfect for little miss Jackie. However, the movement is going to take some practice for newbies, but if you get it right you should be increasing your Jackie Crossfit time fairly quickly.

For starters, your chin doesn’t have to go past the bar. As long as it can reach the same level as the bar you’re good.

With a butterfly kip, your chin will only go as high as the bar and your legs are already gaining momentum for the next rep. This also means you won’t have to make any reverse movements once you reach the top. Basically, there is no stop-and-recover section, only a continuous motion you have to maintain.

In the video Jason provides some great tips on how to master your buttefly kips and it starts with practicing your legs.

First, you have to get your lower body rotation down before you gradually pull up. As you pull up you’ll automatically feel the momentum building thanks to the leg rotation.

Jason also mentions that this isn’t the strongest pull-up, but for a WOD like Jackie, it’s the best way to go.

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