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How CrossFit Beats the Competition

As far as pushing the limits go, a CrossFit routine is by far the ultimate way of achieving it. There’s nothing like it, and nothing can really compare to the amount of calories you’ll be able to burn within such a short time. The controversy that surrounds CrossFit exercises alone is enough to make you question anything less challenging.

Take for example the Filthy 50. Here you have a series of 10 exercises, each with 50 reps, and they have to be done within a maximum time of 25 minutes. Thanks to the diversity of these exercises one quickly understands the concept that CrossFit is more effective than anything else. What are the elements that put CrossFit at the top of the workout mountain?

CrossFit is Intense

A word that has become synonymous with Crossfit is intensity. Need proof?

Josh Wagner

Josh Wagner

Even though there is a beginner level, it still goes beyond what most people are used to. The core of a good CrossFit workout is the sheer intensity. You WILL feel muscles in places where you didn’t know you had them. You WILL feel like a superhuman being during and after. And you WILL test yourself in many different ways.

It’s Challenging

When you go back to your beginner days then you should be familiar with Fran. In case you’re not, and for the sake of this argument, Fran is a series of pull-ups and thrusts divided over three rounds. The first round will see you doing 21 reps of each without stopping and with as much speed as possible. The average amount of calories a woman will burn per minute comes to about 12.3. For men it’s almost double, nearing 21 calories per minute. This means burning roughly 60 calories within 5 minutes for women, and more than a hundred for the guys. Of course this all depends on how quickly you finish the exercise. Compared to other exercises such as cycling and running, which burn between 5 and 10 calories per minute, there’s quite a big difference in the long run. Also take into consideration that Fran only utilizes two exercises, while most CrossFit routines engage the whole body.


Crossfit sled push


It’s Fast

You’re getting more bang for your buck, you do more reps in 1 session than you do in a week at a normal gym. CrossFit routines are short and incredibly powerful, as can be seen in the workouts mentioned above. However, endurance will also be tested and the length of a session depends entirely on you. If you have the guts then try the Murph routine. First you run a mile as quickly as possible. This is followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, then finish it off with another mile run.

Dan Bailey, Central East

Dan Bailey, Central East

The Bottom Line

The studies are in and the verdict is painfully clear. CrossFit workouts are much more effective than anything else out there and only the brave can keep up. Thanks to the complete body routines and the madness of it all, burning calories will happen a lot quicker.

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