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Facing Box Jumps

One of the workouts you are going to see regularly at any CrossFit gym is box jumping. They can burn you out fairly quickly if you don’t do them right. Just like every other workout you’ll attempt, box jumping requires a certain technique that makes it more effective, and more tolerable for that matter. So if you’re just starting out, take these tips with you.

But Why Are Box Jumps So Important?

This is a movement that is going to focus on fast twitching muscles. Gradually you will increase your virtual leap distance and speed, giving you quick control over a pair of legs that don’t just react incredibly fast, but can also carry bigger amounts of strain. You will also feel a big difference during the third phase of Olympic lifting, because it utilizes the same hip flexion as box jumping. To seal the deal, box jumping is a great cardiovascular exercise. So many muscles are at work at the same time and it’s going to tap you out.

Start Small

The worst thing you can do is create a fear for something by taking on too much. Start with boxes you are comfortable with and work your way up to the more challenging sizes. Remember that quality beats quantity when you are training. Your speed is naturally going to increase as you master the technique, but the technique isn’t going to follow a race to unnecessary pain. The right choice is pretty obvious.

Focus and Balance

Your focus should be on the center of the box and maintaining your balance as you jump. Keep your feet together before you jump and try to make the landing as soft as possible, while holding your back straight as if catching a clean. This will decrease the amount of flexion in the back, but at the same time provide your legs with more power.

Start from the Top

There is nothing wrong if you prefer to start the workout from the ground, but do yourself a favor and try starting on top of the box. In other words, the moment you land you react immediately and jump back up, only taking small breaks at the top. When this is done in one swift movement you’ll be making the most of the stretch cycle period, which ultimately makes the process easier and more effective.

2014 Games Open standards

2014 Games Open standards

Dominate the Box

It’s an inanimate object that should never control you. Several CrossFitters fear box jumping simply because one misstep is going to cause a few bruises, but don’t give it time to sink in. The moment you fall you immediately give it another shot. You don’t want to walk away from the box with the memory of eating dirt. You want to walk away with a view from the top.

Starting Crossfit
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