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The Deadlift CrossFit – Why You Need To Pay Attention

Everyone at some point is going to do a deadlift. In fact, you might do one several times a day. It’s the movement you go through when picking something up from the floor, and putting it down again. Just because it doesn’t have a barbell or weights doesn’t mean it’s not a deadlift. In CrossFit you can regard it as the most crucial lift technique, while the squat is the foundation of movement. Done correctly, they will increase the strength of your spine, in addition to the amount of time you get to use it. So, when it comes to the deadlift CrossFit style, you want to be sure your efforts pay off.

Deadlift CrossFit is one of the exceptions you want to master.

The main point of CrossFit is to strengthen your weaknesses. It’s about being an “all-round” athlete as supposed to just a sprinter. In other words, it’s not about mastering a certain exercise as much as it is expanding your capability. But when it comes to the deadlift Crossfit, you might want to make the exception. Why? Because the deadlift is ultimately a full body technique that stabilizes your “all-round” athletic skills. If you don’t work your deadlift you are going to be too weak to compete in several, if not all, CrossFit WODs.

Deadlift crossfit

Newbies Pay Attention

The deadlift CrossFit exercise should be one of the foundations for every good athlete. And in case you didn’t know, the spine is incredibly powerful. With the proper spinal alignment it’s possible to lift well over a 1000 pounds. This is because all the core muscles focus on supporting the spine (among other things) during a deadlift. And when all the muscles of the posterior chain work together, you are practically a machine just itching to give Thor’s hammer a go.

You’ll also notice the movement involves hip extension, which is where most of your power will be waiting. This is the part where the most important movement in CrossFit is combined with the most important lift. Your technique has to be tight in order to avoid injuries and effectively build those core muscles. Yes, that means mastering the squat as well.

The Basics for Doing a Proper Deadlift

  • Approach the Bar

When you approach the bar, make sure stand mid-foot underneath. Your shin shouldn’t be touching the bar at this point, but your feet should be hip-width apart from each other. At the same time your toes should point 15 degrees in an outward direction.

  • Gripping the Bar

If the stance is right you can bend over and grip the bar. But don’t bend your knees just yet. First you have to get your grip right and shoulder-width apart. It’s important that your arms are vertical from a front point of view.

  • Bending the Knees

Now you have to get into position by bending your knees. This is where your shins should touch the bar without causing you to lose your mid-foot position. If it happens that the bar moves out of position it’s best to just start from scratch.

  • Straightening the Spine

Before you lift you have to get your spine straight, which is achieved by raising your chest. Once again, this shouldn’t cause you to lose your position. Your shins should still be touching the bar, and the bar should be mid-foot.

  • The Pull

Fill your chest with a big breath and keep it there while lifting the weight. The bar should stay in contact with your legs all the way up. And once you get the bar where it should be, don’t lean back or shrug your shoulders. Instead, lock your hips and your knees.


Of course there is more to the technique once you get into it, but for a starting point the basics mentioned above should help quite a bit. And in case you want to make absolutely sure you’re doing it right, here’s a video.

On a last note, it’s best to space your deadlift sessions out with a couple of days. Don’t over-train, because it’s only going to hurt you. Give your body time to heal and get stronger, otherwise the deadlift will be dead to you.

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