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CrossFit Wall Balls – Beginners Grab On

Among the diverse set of exercises you’ll find in a box, CrossFit wall balls are among the most effective. It’s a fairly simple execution that requires the whole body to move. When it comes to enhancing every day movements, you can’t go wrong with hitting those wall ball targets. And if you do it on a regular basis you’ll quickly discover why. But first beginners have to start with some good technique.

Learn the basic execution of CrossFit wall balls, along with some tips.

Wall ball exercise will see you mimicking weight lifting movements, but with less resistance and for a longer duration. Altogether you’ll be working eleven muscles and several planes. So, get your technique right from the start and utilize all the benefits wall ball CrossFit has to offer. And this is exactly what this article is about.

Perfecting the CrossFit Wall Ball Technique

    • Start by choosing a wall ball that is respective of your weight class. Remember that you want to do as many as possible, and going straight for the heavy ones can see you hurting something instead of making you stronger.
    • Now you have to get in the right position, although there isn’t a specific rule here. For beginners, we suggest holding the wall ball at chest height and the arms stretched. Step towards the wall until the ball touches it. Use this space between you and the wall to get comfortable and find a more accurate distance according to your strengths.

crossfit wall balls

    • Now, switch the way you’re holding the ball into the goblet position, but still keep it at chest height. Your hands should be at the lower sides of the ball.
    • It’s time to go into the squat, so keep your feet a shoulder length apart, hold your shoulders back and push out your chest. Maintaining this frame, sink down into a full squat. You want to reach the same depth as you would with a barbell squat, although the lack of resistance should help going a little deeper.
    • After sinking into the squat, you drive back up through your heels. The effect should be an explosive rise, which creates momentum to fling the ball towards the wall ball targets. In fact, it should feel like you’re doing a thruster
    • The last step is the receive the ball as it comes back down to earth and immediately sink down for the second one.


Some Tips for Increasing Wall Ball CrossFit Performance

If anything, you want to enhance your wall ball CrossFit performance, so here are some tips on how to do exactly that.

    • Allow your arms to rest when the ball is in the air. If you placed enough juice behind it, the wall ball should be in the air long enough so you can quickly rest your arms at your side. Although some CrossFitters prefer to keep their arms extended while they wait, try both methods and see what works for you. You’ll have more than enough time to catch the ball, and you’ll be receiving it at a lower point, which saves you a split second or two.
    • Get into the wall ball exercise flow by focusing on every single launch. The reason why you want to hit the target every time is because it won’t break your rhythm. If it happens that the throw is off, you’ll need to adjust your position in order to receive the ball. Alas, it takes unnecessary time getting back into position and it breaks your stride.
    • Last but not least, always respect your squatting position. No, your not lifting a barbell, but you know how important your squat is to make the lift effective. Don’t look for shortcuts, because they will come back to bite you. As mentioned earlier, keep your shoulders back, push your chest out and have your toes pointing straight ahead.

Once you get the hang of CrossFit wall balls, you might want to introduce yourself to Karen. She’s 150 wall balls for time, and she’ll get your lungs burning like a hot oven. Thanks to the full-body movement and the combination of weight lifting techniques, wall balls can build your explosives boosts, especially when you need them the most. If you prefer watching a video of how to do a good CrossFit wall balls exercise, check this one out.

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