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You might have heard the new phenomenon that is Crossfit, many are enjoying this high intensity, high volume way of working out. You might be thinking that you have to belong to Crossfit gym to do Crossfit. This isn’t true. You can start in your very own home with a Crossfit Trainingsplan.

The beauty of Crossfit is that the majority of the exercises can be done outside of the gym, at home, the park or in your garden. Many of the workouts are “free-weight”, or body weighted exercises. This is a fantastic way to build strength, flexibility and cardio. A true all round fitness solution.

Beginners, overweight or even seasoned Crossfitters are perfect for these workouts. There are different levels of technique that can be applied for each exercise for those who struggle with things like squats, push ups, sit-ups etc. We call this “scaling”, it’s better to scale your exercises so you can get through the whole workout.

What you need to know for a Crossfit Trainingsplan

What is a Crossfit WOD?

In case you didn’t know what a “WOD” was, it stands for Workout Of the Day. The WOD consists of a series of exercises that are done after each other, some workouts are for time, this means that you need to finish the workout as fast as possible before the time runs out.

The other workout type is for as many reps as possible in a specified time, they call this AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible). Which ever workout type is done, the aim is to record your results, and then the next time, beat it.

Warm-ups and Crossfit Stretches

This might be obvious to many, but warming up and stretching is an extremely important part of working out. If your body is “cold”, it is very prone to injury, depending on what is being done in the workout it is worth while focusing on these body parts. But in general, a total body warm should be done.

As part of the WODs, there will be a warm up routine that will get you properly warmed up before you get stuck in.

Proper form

This also might be an obvious one for many but even the professionals work on their form. It’s recommended that you scale your movement for the more difficult exercises.

It is extremely important to keep your form while exercising, bad form can result in injuries both big and small. Maintaining an injury free body will keep your motivation and keep you moving forward. Watch videos about those specific movements and master it before loading up the reps.

Lets get started!

This beginner WOD is recommended for starting out, it can be as hard, or as easy as you want. Here’s the first part of the Crossfit Trainingsplan.

3 Rounds / 9 Minute Time Cap

– 5 push-ups
– 15 sit-ups
– 30 squats

Warm up for this WOD

Your chest, mid section and thighs are the areas which will be effected in this workout, here are some suggested stretches and warm ups that will get your body ready for the workout.

600m Jog

A light jog will help warm up the legs and the body as a whole.

Shoulder rotations

Crossfit shoulder warm up, Crossfit TrainingsplanA very simple and effect warm up, with arms straight overhead bring your arms in front of you and then rotate all the way back, making big circular motions. Perform this movement 30 times, make the circles smaller and smaller, this should give you a good burn.

Quad stretch

Crossfit stretches, Crossfit Trainingsplan

Another simple and effective one, the quad stretch will help with your squats. While holding onto a wall, pull your foot into your butt, you should feel your quads stretch out. Hold it here for 10 seconds and change leg, do this 8 to 10 times.

Knees up

Leg warm up for Crossfit

This will get the hips and calves warmed up ready for your squat, in a standing position bring your knee up high (past your hip), at the same time push up on the foot that is planted on the floor. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings and a slight burn in your calf muscle after a few reps. Alternate your legs for 10 reps a side.

Chest/shoulder stretch

Basic Crossfit shoulder stretch

Bring your straight arm in front of you whilst standing completely straight, use your other hand to cup the elbow and pull your arm into your body. Keep your arm completely horizontal, hold the position for 10 seconds and swap sides. Perform this stretch 5 times each side.

Scaled and advanced variations

Push ups

On the knees (scaled version 1)

Crossfit pushups, Crossfit Trainingsplan

This variation is perfect for beginners, simply get into the push up position (hands shoulder width apart) with your knees on the floor. Ensure your back is straight, your core is tight and you lock your elbows out at the top.

On one knee (scaled version 2)

Crossfit one knee scaled push ups

Very similar to version 1, the only adjustment is raising the opposite leg up off of the floor. Squeeze your butt and keep leg inline with your upper body, your hip may get tired, speed up your reps a little to avoid this.

Full Push up (full version)

Full strict Crossfit push ups

With your hands shoulder width apart and your back straight (no dropping of the butt) push up and lock out, make sure your core is tight and your butt isn’t in the air, your body should be 100% straight.

Elevated Push ups (Advanced)

Elevated at home push ups

Practically the same as the straight push up, with the elevated push up you put your feet on a chair or bench. Your body will go lower than the normal push up activating your shoulders more.
Make sure that your body keep straight at all times, if your form starts going revert back to the full push up.

Sit ups

Elbows to knees (scaled version 1)

Scaled Crossfit sit up, elbows to knees

To be classified as a sit up, the body needs to actually sit up, this version is the best way to get started with the movement. Lay on your back with your arms crossed, your knees are bend and your feet on the ground. Not too close to your butt, but not too far away either.
Sit up and touch your knees with your elbows, keep your back straight and hold in your core muscles at all times.

Sit up (full version)

Strict Crossfit situp, Crossfit Trainingsplan

This is the full Crossfit variation, start with your knees bent, feet close to your body and your back on the ground. Sit up and touch your feet, your posture should be straight, no rounding of the back or shoulders. To help with the momentum use your arms and swing them forward while you sit up.

Weighted sit up (advanced)

Weight sit up for Crossfit at home

The weighted sit up can be performed with any kind of object, you can even use something from around the house. Just like the full sit up you will start on your back, hold the weight at about chest height, you can also hold it above your head to help with your sit up momentum. Sit up and touch your feet with the weighted object.

A must for any Crossfit Trainingsplan!


Sitting squat (scaled version 1)

Scaled squat, sitting on chair

Squats can be a challenging movement, but a must for every Crossfit Trainingsplan. This scaled version will help you with your form. Get sturdy chair (like a dining room chair) and position it just behind you. Tighten your core and activate your quads, squat down so your butt is touching the chair, hold your arms out for stability.

Keep your chest out to keep your back posture correct. Squat back up by squeezing your butt muscles and thrusting your hips forward.


With every squat movement you need to keep your back completely straight, don’t round your back or over arch, this is a natural movement your body can do. Another important note is your hips, your hips should never tilt forward or back, tighten your core so that your hips don’t move.

To understand more about how hip tilting (referred to as a “Butt Wink”), here is a very in-depth video.


Wall squat (scaled version 2)

Scaled squat against the wall

Another variation that will help with keeping your form correct is the wall squat. Stand with your back against the wall, get into a sitting position and plant your feet in front of you, the wall should be holding your body weight. From this position squat in an upwards direction, your back should slide up the wall.

Full squat Crossfit version

Full Crossfit squat

The full squat is one of the best overall movements, it strengthens the quads, hamstrings, mid section and tightens that butt!
Stand shoulder width apart (or slightly wider), keep your core tight, activate your quads and hold your arms out in front of you for balance. Squat down until your quads are level to the floor, your chest must be out proud keeping your posture. Make sure that if you go past parallel that your hips don’t start tilting back. From the bottom position thrust your hips forward and squeeze your butt when squatting up, keep your needs pointing outwards, never let your knees go inwards!

Crossfit Goblet squat (Advanced)

Crossfit Kettlebell goblet squat for Crossfit Trainingsplan

The goblet squat is a challenging one, if you are very comfortable with your squat and want to incorporate this advanced movement please be cautious.
Take a kettle bell, dumbbell or a heavy object and hold it right under your chin, it’s important to keep it high at all times, if you are unable to do this then the weight is too heavy.
Perform a normal squat but this time keep all your weight on your heel and keep your chest out so you don’t lean forward.


This Crossfit Trainingsplan WOD should help you get started, remember, if it’s too easy increase the speed, make the movements harder by adding weight. Even the fittest can make this workout a tough one!
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  • Sheree Berrow-Brougham

    I have done every fitness craze since the 70s and Crossfit is by far the most enjoyable. A popular misconception is that it isn’t suitable for us older fitness enthusiasts but it really is! I’m super surprised at how strong it makes me feel.

  • Tony Williams

    I read on this site that the more muscle mass your body has… the more calories you will burn… and the more body fat you’ll lose… even when you’re resting!

    It’s true… muscle mass is a very active tissue and it takes a lot of calories to maintain.

    Look, if you’re skinny now… you don’t have to worry about that. You don’t have any fat to lose, so you’ll just end up packing on more size and muscle.

    Love your website and articles, keep it coming!