The Coolest CrossFit T-shirt Designs for 2017

Crossfit is associated with serious workouts. It’s not something that is taken lightly by any means, because it requires a different kind of discipline. However, there are moments when CrossFit explores a fun side. If you’ve been in a box before, you’ll know there is a rather dark sense of humor behind the WODs. This is why this particular article is going to give CrossFit the balance it deserves. The first coolest Crossfit T-Shirt Designs for 2017 will be based on the fun side. While the last five t-shirts are going to focus on the more serious side. So, without waiting any further, let’s check out these cool t-shirts you can wear to your next session.

The Humor Crossfit T-Shirt

crosffit t-shirt humor

As you can tell, there is some clever word-play with this CrossFit t-shirt, borrowing from a very popular saying. But it also shows the companionship you’ll find within the CrossFit community. In fact, a little bit of positive CrossFit kharma can make a big difference. Yes, we all know you are heavily focused on making the most out of your WODs, but it doesn’t hurt to let your fellow CrossFitters know you’d like the WODS to be in their favor as well.

crossfit t-shirts

By know everyone knows how the song goes, but it just sounds better when associated with CrossFit, doesn’t it? Let’s all be honest here, you really do you wish your girlfriend can squat like Katrín Davíðsdóttir. It’s okay, we understand.

wod crossfit t-shirt

Sticking to the rather crude side of CrossFit t-shirts, here’s one for the guys. You can take this any way you like, but we all know what it really means. And it doesn’t have anything to do with money. This could be a cool combination with the t-shirt mentioned directly above it, maybe something couples can share?

crossfit t-shirt

This is the type of Crossfit t-shirt that fellow combatants will recognize instantly. These names are well-known across the global community and they get “done” on a daily basis. But these girls are so good, you just keep coming back to them. Be warned though, because they will tap you out.

crossfit t-shirt

I guess it depends on whose wearing the shirt, doesn’t it?

The Serious Reebok CrossFit T-Shirts

Fun and games aside, here is a look at the Reebok CrossFit t-shirt designs for 2017. Trust me when I say, people are not going to laugh when you sport one of the following. In fact, they’ll probably stop and ask where you bought it.

reebok crossfit t-shirt

The Men’s Reebok CrossFit Midweight Compression Top is made from nylon and spandex. It offers a compression fit and the material is anti-bacterial to fight sweat odor. Plus, it features PlayDry technology and the design keeps the friction to a minimum.

reebok crossfit t-shirt

The Crossfit Tri-Blend Long Sleeve Graphic Shirt also features PlayDry technology and it’s comfortable during workouts thanks to the design of the shoulder and side seams. This ensures less bunching during a workout as well. The graphics makes a stylish shirt to wear for casual purposes.


Made from polyester, cotton and rayon, the Reebok Mens Crossfit Graphic T-Shirt is perfect for casual wear and light training. It also features some modern graphics to give it more dimension. The t-shirt is based a crewcut neck design and will make you look good in and outside the box.

ladies crossfit t-shirts

For the ladies there’s the Crossfit Short Sleeve Tri Graphic T-Shirt. It’s appropriate as casual wear, but also makes for a great light workout t-shirt. It features a crewcut design and it’s made of cotton, rayon and polyester.

ladies reebok crossfit t-shirts

If you’re looking for something with long sleeves, you can’t go wrong with the Cross Fit Fleece Quarter Zip Shirt. With woven sleeve cuffs, this stylish hoodie from Reebok provides adjustable comfort and thumbholes to keep the sleeves from riding up.

There you have the coolest CrossFit t-shirt designs for 2017. Do you have them in your closet yet?

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