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CrossFit Supplements – Effective Suggestions

You won’t find a lack of CrossFit supplements on the market. In fact, there are so many it’s hard to actually get one that works with you. And just to avoid any confusion, supplements help you to get more out of a WOD. Unfortunately there is no “one supplement feeds all”, because people are different. While you might need more protein, somebody else is going to require magnesium. So, the best you can do is go through the ingredients, find some honest reviews regarding CrossFit supplements, and start testing.

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CrossFit supplements should be used as aids, they shouldn’t replace food

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can substitute a healthy meal with a supplement. Yes, supplements do have a lot of crucial minerals and vitamins, but the minerals and vitamins in food are ten times better. Instead of replacing a meal, get used to a consistent and healthy diet, which you can incorporate with your supplement intake.


Creatine is naturally formed inside the body, and it gives you that edge in terms of strength and explosiveness. Chances are you’ve heard of Creatine supplements by now, and the reason why they stick around is because they actually do deliver. Research show that supplements containing Creatine do give you a necessary boost when it comes to overall strength training. Ideally you should drink the appropriate dose before and after a workout.

If at all possible, go for a Creatine supplement that doesn’t come with a loading phase and always make sure you maintain a healthy cycle. For example, use the supplements for a set amount of time, then go without it for a while. Too much of a good thing can turn sour quickly.

Whey Protein

Not all supplements are aimed at giving your workout a boost. Instead, they’ll focus on speeding up the recovery time, such as whey protein. It’s a supplement that digests incredibly quickly and works directly with the muscles to recover faster. Also, drinking whey protein a few minutes after the workout will reduce the amount of stress hormones that are released. Just remember to use the right dosage if you want to keep reaping the benefits.

Omega 3

You can expect to find a whole lot of good things with the right omega 3 supplement, which CrossFit athletes usually consume in the form of fish oil. It contains inflammatory properties, it speeds up recovery time, and it gives the brain a boost – among other things.

But the reason CrossFit athletes should pay attention, is because it builds muscle. And given that it’s the best source of essential fatty acids the body doesn’t create naturally, it’s a supplement every CrossFit athlete needs.

Vitamin D

How much time you do spend in the sun? Unless your job is in construction or on the beach, you probably don’t get too much direct sunlight. Most people have a vitamin D deficiency, because their lifestyles simply don’t involve going outside much.

The fact is, vitamin D plays a critical role in helping you sleep at night and letting your brain rest. It also serves a natural mood changer and improves respiratory health.

Beta Alanine

Here we have an amino acid that gives your energy a boost. It literally supercharges muscle tissue and delays the rise of lactic acid. This means you won’t feel the pain during a WOD so quickly, giving you that little bit extra to kill the WOD. Take note that this is a pre-workout supplement.

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