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The Best CrossFit Shorts for Men and Women

CrossFit gear is important. From the shoes and the socks to the shorts and the shirt, everything has an influence. In this case the focus point is CrossFit shorts. Instead of support, you’re looking for comfort and flexibility. And of course, it gives you that little edge when the shorts look good.

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When you start your workout you want to be comfortable, and at the same time you want to be able to move without restrictions. Provided that your legs and waist are going to move and bend a lot, it’s only natural that you choose the best CrossFit shorts. Here is a look at some of the best choices for men and women.

Men CrossFit Shorts

Rogue Fight Shorts

These fight shorts by Rogue continues to gain popularity among the male CrossFitters. Several things make it the perfect pair for a WOD, and the main feature is the 2 way stretch polyester fabric. They’re only available in black, but that’s okay, because it doesn’t hold sweat and its got side slits for extra flexibility. Plus, they are very light weight, so they won’t drag you down.

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Reebok CrossFit Board Shorts

As the official sponsor of the Games, it’s only natural that Reebok stands behind some great gear. This is one of their best CrossFit shorts, because it comes with a bonded gusset that allows unlimited movement, in addition to a anti-microbial inner brief. The elastic waistband keeps the shorts comfortably in place and the design simply looks amazing.

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Hybrid Training Shorts

Made with 4 way stretch fabric, you shouldn’t have any doubts regarding mobility. These Hybrid shorts will move with you as you rush through your workouts. Another impressive feature is the compression waist-tightening system, which takes away that awful feeling that your shorts are coming down. At the same time you won’t have to deal with bunching or scrunching of any kind. And if you like listening to music while you work out, the shorts have sufficient external pockets to hold your mp3 player.

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Ladies CrossFit Shorts

For the ladies it’s important to find shorts that provide more mobility around the hip area, but at the same time you want look stylish and feel comfortable. Here are some of the best shorts on the market.

Women’s Performance Shorts

Apart from being one of the most attractive designs, the Women’s Performance shorts feature a slope seam. It will help with overall mobility in addition to making you look great. On the right leg you’ll find a pocket for storing things like your phone or keys. The material is light and breathes well, meaning you have a dry workout.

Womens Crossfit Shorts


UN92 WC14

They look great and they bring some color into the box, but that’s not the half of it. UN92 WC14 women’s shorts feature a 3 inch inseam, which will provide you with amazing comfort. It’s also made from 4 way stretch material for unrestricted movement and you keep the shorts in place with the stretch drawchord. You’ll notice on the back of the waistband there’s an invisible zipper with enough space for a card and a key pocket. Thanks to the breathable fabric you don’t have to worry about heating up or feeling constricted.

Reebok Chase Bootie Shorts

Last but not least, we have the Reebok Chase Bootie short. It’s the most comfortable and tightest fit around, meaning it will move with your legs and waist while providing a compression effect. It’s designed with a 3 inch waistband and the shorts sits a little lower at the waist. The flatlock seam is specifically for reducing friction, preventing irritation that usually occurs from the rubbing between the shorts and the skin.

Given that this is a Reebok design, you can expect PlayDry material to be part of the deal, keeping you cool and dry under heavy pressure. Choose from three different colors and never look back once you try them.


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