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Crossfit Men 2018 – Mat Fraser Still Reigns King

Was there any real doubt about who would win the Crossfit men 2018 Games? Of course, Fraser had his work cut out for him. Given that he could only add two more event wins, he had to keep his title by consistently finishing near the top at every event. And when someone as dedicated as Fraser has a hard time winning events, it proves just how much tougher the games get every year.

In case you missed it, or you never got to see who finished at the top of the Crossfit men 2018 Games, this is how everything ended.

4th: Brent Fikowski – The Safe Bet (886)

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Most people foresaw Fikowski ending with a high position, and the big guy came through. Stepping in with 215 pounds of what can only be described as pure muscle, and literally towering over his peers, there was no question he was going to do damage. Obviously, he was hoping for gold and that $300k check, but when you look at his record, it’s just a matter of time.

For example, he’s the only athlete in the world to finish every regional since 2013, and he only really struck “gold” when qualifying for the games in 2016 and finishing 4th. But to top it all off, this guy maintains a full-time office job while kicking some major ass at the gym. And when the 2019 games come around next year, it’s safe bet that you’ll see Fikowski giving his peers another intense run for their money.

3rd: Lukas Hogberg – The Underdog (886)

crossfit men 2018

While a majority of guys in Crossfit will have a weightlifting or gymnastic background, Hogberg is a little more unique. He used to be a boxer and a martial artist. In fact, the guy has been learning Kung-Fu from the age of 10. But it doesn’t stop there. Later on he would add Thai boxing and MMA to his extensive list of fighting skills.

Last year, Hogberg finished with a very impressive 14th position, meaning he wasn’t on as many radars going into the Crossfit Men 2018 games. More specifically, nobody expected him to create an upset that would see him and Fikowski fight for the 3rd spot using the Two-Stroke Pull. After being tied with points, Hogberg took it by a narrow margin.

2nd: Patrick Velner – The Rival (942)

crossfit men 2018

Every champion requires a great nemesis, and while Patrick Velner is still trailing too far behind Fraser in terms of points, there is no telling what you’ll see from this rival next year. When you dig into his background, you’ll find he was an elite gymnast growing up and always active. And the first time he competed at the games was in 2015, where he represented Team CrossFit Plateau 2.
In 2016 he came back, although this time he wanted to compete alone. He finished 3rd on the podium, only to repeat the feat in 2017. In 2018, at age 27, Velner made the reigning champion sweat all the way to the top.

Why is Velner most likely to be just as dangerous next year? Because he’s just a part-time athlete with a great focus on efficiency. His true calling remains his chiropractic studies, which he prioritizes in way most people will find very challenging. Basically, he implements the Crossfit principle into his daily life. Short bursts of EVERYTHING while FOCUSED equals a rival like Velner.

For the lack of a better description, he’s like the Russian boxer that kills Rocky’s friend. The only difference is that Rocky hasn’t come up against someone like Velner yet, because he is nothing but the real deal.

1st: Mathew Fraser – The Guy Who Hates Coming Second (1162)

As mentioned in the introduction, nobody really doubted that Fraser would claim the Fittest Man on Earth title for the third consecutive time. Why? Because the man has a personal, and very intense vengeance against finishing in second place. Getting to second place in 2014 and 2015 was enough fuel to see a dramatic transformation from this professional weightlifter. That’s right, Fraser changed his lifestyle significantly in order to gain and retain his winning edge.

When he came back in 2016, he had only one spot in mind after finishing the final event. Then he did it again in 2017. Now, he showed the world that more legends like Froning are out there. And he did it by taking first place at the Crossfit Men 2018 Games. That means if he can stay champion in 2019, he will equal the record with Froning for the most consecutive first-place finishes at the Crossfit games.

Even with back injury history, Fraser is living proof that determination is built right in, and you just have to approach it with enough determination. He started the games strong and without any doubts, leaving him the Fittest Man on Earth yet again.

It seems that with every passing year the competition gets more intense, and that says a lot about the athletes who ultimately take the pole positions. But the Crossfit Men 2018 Games are now a fresh memory of explosive fitness at its highest level. And this is looking forward to next year…

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