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Top Choices for CrossFit Gloves – Cause Your Grip is Your Best Friend

One thing you’ll notice quite quickly with CrossFit is the amount of hell it will show your hands. If you’re not used to blisters and other painful tears or rips, then it’s a good time to start. And to make matters worse, your grip is crucial with some of the exercises. Everything that involves clenching on to something, from rope climbs to your deadlift grip, needs to be done without distraction. In other words, the less friction on your hands the more you can concentrate on getting through the WOD. This is why smart athletes use CrossFit gloves.

CrossFit gloves can take you that extra distance.

Always keep in mind that ripped hands don’t just bother you in the gym. The pain tags along everywhere you go, so why not prevent them to the best of your ability? Here are some of the top choices for CrossFit gloves to keep your hands protected.

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Emerge Fitness CrossFit Gloves

When it comes to CrossFit gloves, you’ll see a lot of Emerge. This is because they provide a pair of the best gloves for weight lifting (remember that deadlift grip mentioned earlier?), but it’s very versatile for body weight training as well, such as pushups. The wrist support alone for heaving lifting is particularly impressive.

Crossfit gloves

It’s double stitched, which reinforces the premium quality synthetic leather material it’s made of. It also has sufficient padding for protection, without interfering with your grip. On the inside you can expect a tight and quality fit, preventing as much friction as possible.

It’s available for men and women (comes in pink) and you don’t have to worry about the dye of the glove fading or bleeding.

Harbinger Power Stretch Gloves

This brand of CrossFit gloves comes highly recommended, mainly because of the patented material that is used to make them. They offer a great balance between protection and flexibility, taking away restrictions you’ll have if you don’t use gloves. The padding consists of a high quality foam and overall they make for great weight lifting gloves.

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Some of the main features include their adaptability to different workouts, and the performance mesh that gives you the best grip you can get. At the same time the material allows great ventilation, in addition to a leather palm that’s incredibly durable.

If you want some more comfort you can get a pair with mesh between the fingers as well.

Gym Paws Neoprene Weightlifting Grips

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For CrossFitters who simply don’t like the feeling of gloves, this is the perfect alternative. Made from high quality military grade neoprene, Gym Paws protect the crucial sections of your hand. They only cover the palm section and make use of 4 finger loops, which ensures it stays in place. The cushions are effective, but don’t take anything away from mobility, and it’s sweat resistant.

They can be used for any weight lifting exercise and you won’t have any problem finding the perfect grip, whether it’s your deadlift grip or the rope climbs. The Gym Paws also take credit for allowing great CrossFit movement.

Why the Right Gloves are Important

Here are a few reasons why you need to pay attention, especially when it comes to CrossFit gloves.

  • Putting In More Reps

Nothing is more frustrating than having to stop because your hands are hurting too much. Even though the rest of your body is good to go, your grip won’t allow it. Using gloves leads to more reps and more effective WODs. You want to use every measure you can to keep your hands as safe and comfortable as possible.

  • It Makes Things Easier

If you don’t know by now, CrossFit gloves actually distribute the weight being lifted onto the forearm and away from the fingers. This means some exercises get a little easier, like the deadlift or upright rows.

  • Wrist Support

This was mentioned earlier with the Emerge gloves and it can’t be said enough, wrist support enhances and maintains mobility. You can’t go wrong with a pair of CrossFit gloves with good wrist support.

  • Grip Improvement

Your hands are going to start to sweat when you do enough reps, and holding a heavy weight above your head with sweaty hands is not the ideal situation. Sweat compromises your grip, which is yet another reason to go with gloves. They are made to adhere to the weight and stay dry.

  • Sanitary Reasons

In a gym everyone is using everything. This isn’t to say that there should be any calls for concern, but for your own sanitary reasons you can use gloves. As exhilarating as CrossFit can be, there’s no reason NOT to use extra precaution.

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