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CrossFit Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Sweaty hands add risk to what should be a safe execution. CrossFit in itself is already demanding enough, so why make things more challenging by working out with a compromised grip? If you want to bring out the best in yourself, it is recommended to invest in some quality CrossFit gloves.

Not everyone has a problem with sweaty hands. But some athletes find it problematic when they start to work out, which is a pretty natural reaction. Then you get individuals that constantly suffer from sweaty hands, and it’s a medical condition that makes actions like powerlifting very tricky.

The right CrossFit gloves help for more than just sweaty hands

But there are other reasons to consider, like CrossFit gloves for pull-ups and rope climbing. Seeing as the right glove can help you get more traction, why not take some time to ponder why you see so many athletes sporting fingerless CrossFit gloves?

Why Using CrossFit Gloves are Necessary

To give you some idea of why athletes typically have CrossFit gloves in their bags:

  • Gloves improve grip when sweat becomes a problem
  • Protection from tears
  • Decrease callus formation
  • Protection for existing tears, calluses, etc.
  • Personal sanitary reasons

The Difference Between CrossFit Gloves and Grips

For those using gloves or grips for the first time, there is a difference between the two. The latter is usually made of synthetic material or leather, and it only hooks across two or three fingers. The grip is secured at the wrist, while it essentially covers your palms. But keep in mind that several fingerless CrossFit gloves are available on the market, and they might look like grips at face value.

In this case, the focus falls onto the gloves. And chances are you could need more than one pair. For instance, the best CrossFit gloves for rope climbs and pull-ups probably won’t have wrist wraps. While gloves that feature wrist wraps are best for power-lifting. So, always pay attention to:

  • The bulkiness of the glove, seeing as too much padding causes slippage
  • Ventilation/sweat absorption capabilities
  • Quality material and stitching
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Level of protection
  • The feedback you get from the bar while using the CrossFit gloves

CrossFit Gloves Suggestions for Sweaty Hands

In light of helping you find the best gloves specifically for sweat control, here is a list of high-quality options. Keeping in mind that every athlete will have personal preferences, you should find a good pair to experiment with among the following:

New Ventilating Lifting Gloves – Fit Active Sports

crossfit gloves

Made from silicon printed Neoprene, you can be sure the New Ventilating Lifting Gloves from FAS will impress even the toughest athlete. The material is known for being heat, water, oil, and toxic chemical resistant. It also brags with incredible durability.

Your palms and thumbs get total protection without compromising your grip, and the built-in wrist wraps can be adjusted according to comfort. Overall, you can quickly switch between WODs, you have flexibility and ventilation thanks to the open-hand design, and the gloves offer protection that is hard to compete with.

crossfit gloves


  • Great level of protection without compromising your grip
  • Durable and high-quality for extreme exercise
  • Comfortable fit for good control
  • Perfect for heavy lifting
  • Impressive ventilation for sweaty hands


  • Not the best CrossFit gloves for pull-ups and rope climbs
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RIMSports CrossFit Gloves

Experience more comfortable cross-training with the versatile RIMSports CrossFit gloves. They are available in very stylish colors, and the non-slip design puts them among the most favorite fingerless CrossFit gloves on the market.

If sweaty hands is a problem, the breathable material (100% Leather and Spandex) will aid in keeping them dry. At the same time, you get high-quality CrossFit gloves for rope climbs and pull-ups. This does not mean they can’t be used for lifting, seeing as the fit is very comfortable and allows good feedback from the bar.


  • Fits very comfortably without friction
  • Great grip with not too much padding
  • Breathable materials help to control sweat
  • Incredibly versatile in terms of using the gloves for different WODs
  • Fun colorways choices and stylish design


  • Ordering the right size can be tricky
  • Some complain the dye from the glove rubs off
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Original SHREDDFIT Cross Training Gloves

With sufficient protection at key pressure points, as well as an open hand design, you might just love the Original SHREDDFIT Cross Training Gloves. It hooks around four fingers while an integrated velcro wrist wrap can be adjusted accordingly.

You can trust the gloves are durable thanks to the neoprene material. And they offer great protection thanks to the silicone padding. More importantly, you are not going to have a problem with slippery hands.

crossfit gloves


  • Open hand-design allows for better ventilation
  • Durable materials and double stitching ensures long-term use
  • Flexible as well as convenient
  • Great support for heavy lifting thanks to the wrist wrap
  • Good level of protection overall


  • Better for lifting than pull-ups
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Callus Guard WOD Workout Gloves by Fit Four

Let’s face it, some athletes just don’t feel comfortable wearing gloves. This is especially true for situations when your hands sweat a lot. But when you look at a minimalist design like the Callus Guard by Fit Four, it can be a total game-changer.

It covers only the most vulnerable areas while adding to your grip capabilities. The gloves are made from microfiber, synthetic leather, lycra, and silicon. But more importantly, they can be used as CrossFit gloves for rope climbs, deadlifts, pull-ups, you name it.

crossfit gloves


  • Minimalist design if you don’t really like wearing gloves
  • Made from durable materials
  • Provides ample protection where you need it most
  • Good fit for a tight grip


  • Might be too thin for some in terms of padding
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If you take your workouts seriously, you’ll protect your hands as much as possible. Because the condition of your hands will influence how effective you are going to be today.

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