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Awesome Crossfit gyms; home and garage setups

Up until now us men used to be busy in the tool shed making spice racks or fixing bicycles, now when the wife shouts “honey, dinner is ready” we’re busy trying to smash a PB on a snatch. Here is a collection of some awesome Crossfit garage gym that will get motivated to build your own Crossfit gym haven.

Top Crossfit Garage Gyms

crossfit garage gym, Modern Crossfit home gym

crossfit garage gym, Fully loaded Crossfit garage

Notice the neon gymnastic rings!

Crossfit Neon rings

crossfit garage gym

crossfit garage gym, Crossfit garage, man cave

In case you still want to use the garage for its intended purpose, splitting your space into 2 works well. Nice car too!

crossfit garage gym, Crossfit gym checked flooring

Great equipment to add to your Crossfit garage gym

Here’s a list of equipment and how much it would cost you, an example of a basic setup.

Crossfit home gym package

Checkered flooring looks very nice, the bar rack is a very handy piece of equipment.

Crossfit Rogue Gun rack

crossfit garage gym, Complete Crossfit garage setup

For those who don’t know where to put their rings in your Crossfit gym, this person used a ceiling mount. Your ceilings do need to be high enough if you want to do ring dips.

Crossfit garage gym with truck tyre

Crossfit garage gym with great lighting

Good lighting in your garage can make a huge difference in your garage setup, the flooring is nice in this one.

Nicely organised Crossfit garage gym

Laying out your gym properly saves on space, this garage gym even has a TV, I can just imagine how many hours are spent in this garage!

Basic Crossfit garage gym setup

Crossfit garage gym with massive tyre

This bright garage is a great size, I’m envious of their large tractor tyre, who doesn’t love tyre flipping!

Crossfit garage setup with black walls

Personalising your gym like this Crossfitter did, black walls and ceiling works well. Notice the platform? These are awesome for dropping weight on, it absorbs the shock and reduces the noise, also, the neighbours will love you!

They sell the platform and rubber mats separately, the platform is $255 and the tiles are $498.50, a bit pricey.

Crossfit platform

You can make your own, my box built 2. Just remember to build it where you are using it, because it’s quite heavy to move around. Here’s a Youtube video of a DIY platform.

Minimalistic Crossfit garage gym

A nice clean setup, one thing to consider is installing a timer, the Rogue timer costs $269.00 excluding remote, but you can get them cheaper on places like Ebay for around $100.

Crossfit timer

Crossfit gym with nice wall colors and flooring

Great colour scheme, the full rig here has enough space for 2 people to workout at the same time. There are a few options for rigs.

Crossfit Rogue gym

Awesome setup here, the sled and the rower are great additions to any garage gym. The sled can be a brutal workout, the sled alone costs $265.00. You can have a few attachments that will make it more interesting.

Standard Crossfit sled

Different Sled attachments will give you some workout variety.

Did you notice the one that looks like a lawnmower? Interesting idea, this is in fact called “The Lawnmower” attachment.

What’s a sled without harnesses, these 2 options work great with pulling. Also, not forgetting the rope!

Fully equipped Crossfit WOD garage fym

Heavy Duty pull up bar Crossfit

I would recommend checking out a Wall mounted Pull up bar from Amazon, only $59 it’s heavy duty BARGAIN! Click here to view the details.

Crossfit Flying Pull-up bar attachment

Clean modern Crossfit garage gym

Long Crossfit garage gym

Nicely converted Crossfit garage

Even with single garages you can fit enough equipment in to do your workouts.

Crossfit garage gym in small space

This 2 tier garage is perfect, who needs a gym?!

Deluxe 2 tier Crossfit garage gym

Unattached double garage Crossfit gym

Homemade DIY Crossfit gym

Here’s a DIY Crossfit gym setup, notice the pull up bar made out of metal piping. You can buy metal piping like this from any plumbing store, a lot cheaper than a rig. The threaded flanges are under $10, these connect the steel piping to the wall and ceiling. The steel piping you can get from places like Home Depot for $20 a pipe, here’s everything you need

Heavy duty Crossfit garage

A heavy duty Crossfit garage setup, check the assault bike (puke)!

Crossfit garage setup with half tyre for smashing

I dig the tyre smasher, that hammer they call a Slater Slammer, you can get these at Rogue Fitness for $232.50

Proper Crossfit garage gym

One of my favourites, even has a living room glass table! The rower pictured is the new running machine for home gyms, this one goes for $900 at Amazon

Awesome Crossfit garage gym

Crossfit outhouse gym

This timber garage is one of my personal favourites, it has everything I would want in a gym.

Crossfit package with kettle bells and rowers

Large Crossfit garage setup

Small Crossfit gym shed

Don’t have a garage? Why not get a metal one built for your Crossfit gear? Check the extra side shutter for more ventilation.

Convert a room into a Crossfit gym

If you haven’t got a garage, why not consider a room, here is a collection of rooms that have been converted into Crossfit gyms.

Stunning Crossfit home room

An awesome space for that home gym, has everything you need for hitting those WODs hard!

Here’s a list of equipment and how much it would cost you.

Crossfit home gym package

Small room converted into a Crossfit gym

Even with limited space you can squeeze in your stuff and get a solid workout.

Luxury Crossfit gym fully equipped

A huge space with some nice fake grass to do your burpees, push ups and lunges on.

Crossfit home gym for rich people

One of the most luxurious home Crossfit gyms I’ve ever seen, I’m drooling with envy!

Custom Crossfit home room

Nicely done Crossfit home gym

Narrow Crossfit room

Genius way of fitting in your Crossfit garage gym into a narrow space.

Small Crossfit gym

No room inside? Outdoor Crossfit gyms

For those who have an unused outdoor space, enjoy the sunshine while you workout. Here are some of the coolest outdoor spaces for Crossfitters.

Full garden crossfit rig setup

A full Crossfit rig, looks like so much fun!

Crossfit outdoor rig in the snow

Working out in the snow feels like a challenge!

Crossfit rig outdoor garden

My favourite is the rope that is tied to the tree, who wouldn’t want to climb that!

Front of garage Crossfit gym

Crossfit outdoor assault course

Crossfit setup in the back garden

Crossfit rig in the garden

Awesome Crossfit gyms outdoor

Is this Crossfit garage gym heaven?

Crossfit gym on the porch

Stuck for space, this guy stuck his setup on the porch.

Crossfit outdoor rig

Yard Crossfit rig

This rig has a Dirty South Bar, a must for any rig setup in your Crossfit garage gym. These are great for the bar muscle up. $175.00 at Rogue Fitness.

Crossfit home dirty south bar

Yard Crossfit gym

Drive way Crossfit gym

Love this layout, these mats are fantastic for stations when doing WODs.

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