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Effective CrossFit Dumbell Workouts for Beginners

Dumbells don’t really get the recognition they deserve. They are convenient, portable, effective and affordable, which is why every CrossFitter should own a few. And just by looking at the improvements you’re going to make, it should be enough to take his basic piece of equipment more seriously. In fact, it’s time to indulge a few CrossFit dumbell workouts and how they can improve your WODs overall.

Dumbells improve several difficult areas

These areas include:

  • Vertical Jump
  • Abdominal Strength
  • Balance
  • Acceleration
  • Hip Flexibility

The following exercises are aimed at increasing the above mentioned capabilities, but also to help get the most out of your workout. Keeping in mind that you want to give each exercise your all, it’s best to keep it basic and straightforward.

Lunge Walking CrossFit Dumbell Workouts

There are several ways you can approach lunging with dumbells, but if you’re starting out we suggest taking a look at the video. You’ll notice how much pressure is going to be on the knee area, which is why you want to start without any extra weight. After you get used to the movement and pressure, you can add the dumbells.


The above video shows you the basic fundamentals for a good lunge and it points out the extra length in your step. Make sure your knee doesn’t end up in front of your foot, because that’s when it starts to get dangerous. In the second video the basic lunge gets sees the addition of theHammer Curl. Everything about the lunge stays the same, the only difference is finishing the exercise with a curl.

Next up is the single walking dumbell lunge, which sees you holding the dumbell straight in the air. Once again, it’s very basic, but also very effective. Always make sure your torso stays straight and keep that knee in place if you’re going to maintain a good posture.

Overhead Squatting

In CrossFit you’ll get to know the squat position quite well. It’s one of the core positions in terms of power, and it serves a great purpose when combined with a dumbell. Start with a single dumbell and extend your arm into the air. Then you move out of the squat like you would while lifting a barbell. Alternate between your arms until you start using two dumbells. The below video is very informative regarding how the overhead squat should flow if the right movement is maintained.

Cleans and Push Press

There is something beginners can really take away from the cleans, wish is the shrug part. Many beginners will try an master the shrug part using the bar, but a single pull with a dumbell is slightly more effective. You’ll get a much better feel for the shrug with the dumbell, as supposed to having both hands on the bar. After the clean comes the push press, which is when you push the dumbell past your shoulders straight into the air.

The Snatch

This exercise can see you applying more speed and pushing yourself more. Of course there are many approaches you can take, but the video gets through the basics you need to know. Fundamentally, you start the snatch from the floor or from the hang (such is done in the video). Either way is good, but you’ll get a little more action when starting from the floor.

It’s Your WOD

Now that you know how the basics of some great CrossFit dumbell workouts, you can begin to bring in some variations. Nobody is forcing you to do strict snatches and lunges, because you can mix and match movements that feel comfortable for you. Just don’t make it so complex that you can’t give it a 100%.

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