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Burpees – The Ultimate CrossFit Cardio WOD

It started as a body movement to measure a person’s state of fitness during the late 1930s. And today it’s a CrossFit cardio WOD that makes you weak in the knees just by thinking about it. Burpees were named after creator, Royal H. Burpees, a guy who’s responsible for an intense sequence that will leave you heaving on the floor afterward.

Newbies gather around for some important info regarding this CrossFit Cardio WOD

Why are burpees CrossFit so horrific? Because it’s an exercise that doesn’t let any part of your body rest. Like any other great cardio workout, it will get your heart pumping like a machine while putting your major muscle groups through their paces. And even though you might not realize it through the pain and suffering, you can equal 20 burpees to at least:

  • 20 Pushups
  • 20 Air Squats
  • 20 Jumping Jacks

When it comes down to it, your whole body is at the mercy of the WOD. Which is why you want to get your technique right and your mind straight, because you’ll definitely need it. However, it should be mentioned that burpees are approached differently. There are several variations available, especially when it comes to the pushups. But for the sake of keeping these tips as basic and practical as possible, we’ll focus on the most well-known way burpees are done.

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Burpees CrossFit Technique

CrossFit is all about intensity. The more intense a workout can be, the better. It’s like drinking bad tasting medicine, because they are the ones that show the best results. As mentioned, you can look into different variations where you might skip the pushup or at least do it with your knees. Either way, here are the six basic movements that are typically done.

  • Start by bending forward or squatting. Your hands should touch the ground, while positioned in front of you, on the outside of your feet. This is your first position.
  • Now you have to jump back with your feet while your hands stay in place, leaving you in the plank position.
  • The third movement is a pushup and you want at least your chest to touch the ground.
  • On the 4th movement you come back up to the plank position.
  • With the 5th movement you pull your feet back, where you’ll be in the squat position again.
  • And finally, you give an explosive jump into the air with your arms stretched out over your head.
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    Tips to Handle Several Burpee Reps

    Now that you know exactly how to do burpees, it’s time to learn how to do them well. Doing one or two won’t take that much out of you, but how do you pace yourself when you do a hundred? Naturally everyone will have their way of approaching the WOD, but when you’re just starting out you might want to try these suggestions.

    Pace Vs Rest

    There are going to be several moments during the burpee WOD where you’ll want to rest, but wouldn’t it be better to simply go at a slightly slower pace? The moment you rest you break the cycle and tempo. Plus, it takes a whole lot of energy just to get started again. If possible, pace yourself to last the entire WOD.

    Save A Split Second

    As mentioned in the technique section, you learn to do a burpee with your hands on the ground. But when you’re coming down from the jump you don’t have to wait for your hands to touch the ground before kicking back into the plank position. After you get comfortable waiting for your hands, try this “feet first” movement. If done correctly it gives you an extra second.

    Focus on the Present

    The last thing you want to do with any WOD that sucks the life out of you is to think about how many reps are left. Stop thinking ahead. Instead, focus on the single rep you have to do right now, and empty your mind. Try to go into a state where you body just moves by itself, like a plane on autopilot.

    Don’t Forget to Breathe

    Breathing is going to be a critical factor regarding the amount of reps you’ll be able to do. Keeping in mind that this is a very intense CrossFit cardio WOD, remember to breathe. Let the oxygen flow through your lungs and give you some fuel to keep going.

    You can’t go wrong with burpees if you want an intense, full body CrossFit cardio WOD. It will get your heart racing and all the major muscle groups in your body working.

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