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How to Build a Home CrossFit Box – Shopping list

CrossFit is not something you take on lightly. It’s a different type of beast that requires a lot of discipline. But the benefits are rather incredible, because you’ll become faster, stronger and more flexible. The short bursts of exercise at such high intensities and short intervals are both thrilling and effective. You don’t just get a kick out of challenging yourself. You’ll get into unbelievable shape.

Should you build your own CrossFit box?

For those who are just starting out this is a tough question, because it requires some investing to get a DIY CrossFit rig up and running. You want to cover the basics first, and as you improve you can add more equipment. Whether it’s an outdoor CrossFit box or a garage box, it can be just as effective as going to a gym.

In this article we’ll focus on giving some equipment tips for beginners surrounding a home CrossFit Box. What are some of the first things you need to look at and what to scout for as you continue to increase you’re CrossFit box’s versatility.

Start by Finding Space

Just because your workouts are going to be intense doesn’t mean your environment should be. You’re going to need space to breathe, so make sure the layout is suitable for your equipment. As you’ve noticed, the garage fits the bill as a nice storage or workout area, but it’s up to you. A CrossFit box layout is all about being comfortable and maintaining a positive attitude because you’ll be putting your body through its paces.

WOD Grips

One of the first places you’re going to start noticing a change will be in your hands. Barbells, rope climbs, pull-ups, these exercises will eventually show up in the form of blisters. In order to prevent blisters as much as possible, it’s recommended to invest in some high-quality WOD Grips. Apart from sparing you tremendous discomfort, it will help to maintain a better recharge time. With your hands hurting and burning just at the idea of lifting a barbell, it’s obviously going to influence the effectiveness of your workout. WOD Grips prevent this from happening.

Weight Lifting Knee Sleeves

In the interest of preventing any damage or injury, weightlifting knee sleeves should also be part of your beast CrossFit box. It has a compression effect on the knees, which gives them more support during exercises such as weightlifting, jumping and running.

Ultra Light Speed Cable Jump Rope

Moving towards the more physical side of a home CrossFit box, introducing the ultralight speed cable jump rope. It’s one, if not the most, affordable piece of exercise equipment you can own. At the same time, it gives a vigorous workout and hectic challenges. And those dreaded double-unders will continue to elude you until you get the right rope for the job.

CrossFit Wheelbarrow

CrossFit Wheelbarrows are specifically designed to fit the needs of the athlete. Just looking at the models by Rogue, they can carry up to 1200 pounds and the handles are knurled like a barbell. The only question is, can you push 1200 pounds around the yard?

Box Thrusters

Of course, you’re going to need a box for those shin scraping box thrusters. And just like the other two items, it’s not something that’s going to break the bank while it brings versatility into your Rogue Crossfit box.

Some Advanced Suggestions

If you feel you can stretch your budget a little bit, then here are some suggestions for additional equipment.

  • Kettle Bells
  • Medicine Ball
  • Gymnastic Rings
  • Bar Bells and Bar
  • Pull Up Bar

For those who want to go all out, you might want to add these while you’re at it.

  • Assault Bike
  • Rowing Machine
  • Sled

Here’s a list of equipment and how much it would cost you, an example of a basic setup.

Here are some examples of what an outdoor and garage CrossFit box can look like.

home crossfit rig

indoor crossfit boxgarage Crossfit box


Start Building Your DIY CrossFit Box

These CrossFit boxes are pretty impressive, but they didn’t happen overnight. Start small and work your way towards a more advanced rig, especially if you’re a beginner. Focus on what you need work on first, and simply go from there.

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