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The Best CrossFit Shoes for Men and Women 2018

Invest in your gear, and you invest in yourself. This is especially true when you think about your feet and the shoes you wear because, without them, Crossfit will be an even bigger challenge. Always put your safety first and wear gear that provides the best possible support, like the trainer mentioned in our best Crossfit shoes 2018 list. Not only do you want to be comfortable during a WOD, but you want to feel in control. You can’t do that if your shoe keeps slipping or it doesn’t flex when you need it most.

Depending on how serious you take your Crossfit workout, here is an update on the best Crossfit shoes 2018.

Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0

nano 7 best crossfit shoes 2018

Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0

Starting with the brand that sponsors Crossfit, the Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0 shoe boasts with a solid reputation among users. And you’ll immediately spot the extra heel piece (TPU heel wrap), which is there for more stability and leverage while lifting. The upper is made with trademarked NanoWeave technology, providing comfort and breathability, and the crystallized rubber outsole is designed for flexibility, stability, and balance. It’s also interesting to note that the shape of the shoe retains the natural shape of your foot and the anatomical toe box gives a natural fit. So, if you are looking for the best Crossfit shoes 2018, this is a good place to start.

The Pros

  • Light and comfortable
  • Flexibility in terms of going from plyometrics to weightlifting
  • A soft, yet durable upper
  • The outsole gives great traction control
  • The Cons

  • The midfoot can be a tight fit for some
  • Not always recommended for long-distance running

  • Reebok Crossfit Nano Flexweave 8.0

    nano 8 best crossfit shoes 2018

    Reebok Crossfit Nano Flexweave 8.0

    The newer Crossfit Nano Flewweave 8.0 is even more focused on giving you the balanced support you need between different workouts. With a re-engineer Flexweave upper, it is more breathable, comfortable, stable, and durable. You can also trust the new heel bootie construction to boost performance, especially during lifts. The shoe features a low-cut design for mobility, and the forefoot flex grooves provide incredible flexibility. In terms of finding a versatile shoe that can provide everything you need during a variety of WODs, you probably won’t need to look further than the Nano Flexweave 8.0.

    The Pros

  • Quality design and build
  • Incredibly flexible and lightweight
  • It provides stability through all Crossfit exercises
  • Enough room in the toe box
  • Weightlifters in particular like the stability in the heel
  • The Cons

  • The fit can be a problem for wider or narrow feet
  • Some users reported heel slippage

  • Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit

    metcon dsx flyknit best crossfit shoes 2018

    Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit

    Nike is not a brand that shies away from competition, and it can be seen in their Metcon DSX Flyknit cross trainers. Just like the Reebok designs mentioned above, Nike kept the making of the shoe in line with what the Crossfit community is looking for. So, this model from the Metcon series is lighter and more flexible, while the sticky outer ensures you get enough traction. Moderate weight lifting can also be done with confidence, although it can lack some stability given the versatility of the design. It fits great thanks to the special new Flyknit upper, and there aren’t any real complaints regarding a constrictive feeling. Which means it is not surprising to find these trainers on the best Crossfit shoes 2018 list.

    The Pros

  • Versatile in terms of performing different Crossfit exercises
  • The snug fit compliments the flexibility
  • Soft cushioning for high-impact
  • The sticky rubber outsole provides great traction
  • The Cons

  • Squeaky insole
  • Quality of the shoelaces

  • Nike Metcon 3

    Crossfit Nike Metcon 3 review

    Nike Metcon 3

    The Metcon series from Nike has always been a favorite among Crossfitters, especially the Metcon 3. It has a less aggressive approach than the Metcon 2 in terms of design, and the areas that typically wore out first have been reinforced with embroidered textiles as supposed to using printed overlays. The midsole is close to the ground and you’ll find the Metcon 3 provides great stability at the back while maintaining flexibility on the forefoot. Traction is not a problem thanks to the sticky outsole and tri-star tread pattern, while the color designs are visually pleasing.

    The Pros

  • Considered one of the most durable cross trainers
  • Great choice of color and design
  • Adopts to running, lifting, and climbing
  • The Cons

  • Thin midsole might be a problem
  • The rubber layer does not have as much grip with rope climbs as expected

  • Nike Metcon 4

    metcon 4 best crossfit shoes 2018

    Nike Metcon 4

    The Metcon 4 sticks to the winning recipe Nike found with the Metcon series, but there are some distinct differences when compared to the 3rd edition. For example, the midsole remains close to the ground and the outsole provides the same traction, but the upper has gone through some changes. The sandwich-mesh ensures durability while 3D haptic technology is used for printing on the surface. Additionally, you’ll find cushioning at the tongue. Overall, the Metcon 4 is impressive from design to performance and worth testing.

    The Pros

  • The supportive features of the shoe make it perfect for Crossfit
  • Comfortable fit and accurate sizing
  • Appealing color and design
  • Stable and lightweight
  • Great for casual wear too
  • The Cons

  • Some might find the shoe too stiff when used over long periods
  • Wider heel can possibly cause slippage

  • New Balance MX40V1

    new balance 40v1 best crossfit shoes 2018

    New Balance MX40V1

    Also known as the New Balance Minimus 40 trainer, this particular trainer has gained a lot of great reviews based on its versatility. Whether it’s for Bootcamp or typical training, you’ll find many positive factors to write home about. For example, the cushioning absorbs a lot of shock on impact, but it is also lightweight and flexible. Ultimately, you are looking at a minimalist design with great upper ventilation and heel support via the external TPU heel clip.

    The Pros

  • Crossfitters love the versatility
  • Appropriate cushioning for high-impact exercise
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Breathable upper is very impressive in hot environments
  • The Cons

  • Possible sizing issues
  • Not always recommended for lifting
  • Adidas Crazytrain Elite M

    adidas crazytrain elite best crossfit shoes 2018

    Adidas Crazytrain Elite M

    Even though Reebok and Nike have a big following in the Crossfit community, the contribution from Adidas shouldn’t be ignored, which brings up the Crazytrain Elite trainer. It features what Adidas calls boost technology, and it forms part of the midsole design. Among other things, it is meant to react to the movement of your foot, while the multi-directional tread outsole provides flexibility for movement. The upper is made with tightly-woven textiles and rubber overlays have been strategically added for high-wear areas.

    The Pros

  • Comfortable fit
  • The trademark Boost technology aids movement
  • Durable, especially for intense training
  • The Cons

  • Upper material can feel stiff for some

  • Adidas Performance Crazypower TR M

    Adidas Performance Crazypower TRM cheap crossfit shoes 2018

    Adidas Performance Crazypower TR M

    Just like with the Crazytrain Elite, you get amazing versatility from the Men’s Crazypower TR. The dense heel is lightweight and provides good support for weightlifting and strength training alike. Traxion technology has been implemented for the outsole, meaning traction on various surfaces will not be an issue, and as expected, the fit is comfortable and cushioned to perfection. With a slightly wider toebox for natural toe splay during weightlifting and overlays to make high-wear areas more durable, you can’t go wrong with this trainer.

    The Pros

  • Extra comfortable fit due to the cushioning
  • One of the most versatile cross trainers
  • Stability during all types of workouts
  • Durable and stylish
  • The Cons

  • Shoe overall might be too stiff for some

  • Nobull Training Shoes

    nobull best crossfit shoes 2018

    Nobull Training Shoes

    The last one on our best Crossfit shoes 2018 list is the Nobull training shoe, and while not as popular as the others mentioned already, it still deserves a mention. First off, it is designed with Crossfitters in mind, but it can also easily double as a casual shoe. Due to the sleek design and color range, it is not just versatile in the gym.

    Both men and women can enjoy the durable high carbon rubber outsole for multiple surfaces, and the full-length midsole is designed for stability during any type of workout. A one-piece Superfabric is used for the upper, and it is reinforced by what is called the SuperFabric guard.

    The Pros

  • Great stability and support for any type of exercise
  • Can be used for casual wear and extended periods of walking
  • Quality material
  • Impressive breathable upper
  • Great control thanks to the outsole
  • The Cons

  • Might be too narrow
  • Stiff sole unit

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