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Best CrossFit Shoes for Beginners: Advice and Recommendations

When you get into CrossFit, you quickly notice the importance of quality gear. At first, the little things probably don’t bother you. But as you gain experience, those little things suddenly start to matter. And trust that your shoes will be one of your first problem areas. This is because CrossFit requires versatility. The beauty of the sport can be seen in the different challenges it puts you through, both mentally and physically. So in light of giving you the best start, this article explores the best CrossFit shoes for beginners.

Not only are we going to look at what makes a CrossFit shoe worth the wear, but we’ll provide some recommendations. Several quality pairs have been reviewed on Box Junkies thus far. And as you gain more insight regarding the elements that make up the best CrossFit shoes for beginners, follow the links for more in-depth info.

First Consider Your WOD

You should know that the type of trainer you invest will add or take away support from specific exercises. And you learn more about this as you keep reading. Also, keep in mind that you are in a training environment, which is very different than taking part in the CrossFit Games. At this point, you want a single pair that is versatile and able to get you through most WODs with the necessary support.

What to Look for in the Best CrossFit Shoes for Beginners?

Lateral Support

Whether you are running or lifting weights, you need the right support for your feet. Not only does it minimize the risk of injury, but it can give you that extra edge. Keep in mind that torque comes from the hips during an exercise, while the knees drive out and your weight shifts. This can lead to scenarios where your feet slide over the edges of the shoe, which is not what you want. Thus, the best CrossFit shoes for beginners comes with enough lateral support.

Comfortable Weight

When you start a workout, you won’t really be bothered by the weight of your shoes. But when you start sweating, your trainers can feel like two bricks holding you down. That’s why CrossFit athletes love to stick with lightweight trainers because every ounce of unnecessary weight makes you slower.

Ability to Breathe

It is critical that your shoes are made with materials that allow enough ventilation. Even if you don’t have a problem with sweaty feet in general, you are going to work up a sweat in the gym. And if your feet are slipping and sliding due to moisture, you will constantly be distracted.


Make no mistake; you are going to put your shoes through hell if CrossFit is your new passion. And exercises like rope climbs can really do a number on the outer-sole if the trainer is not durable enough. Then add all the other activities like squatting, running, and gymnastics, and it makes sense why durability is a crucial factor.

Sole Flexibility

Just like your shoes need to take the punch, they also have to be flexible. Nothing should limit your movement, especially with CrossFit.

The Drop of the Shoe

You will notice CrossFit athletes pay a lot of attention to the heel-to-toe drop of the shoe. This is because it influences the support you get. For example, runners prefer a higher heel, whereas weightlifters find more support with a flatter heel.


Finally, you want the under and outer-soles to have more than enough traction. Just like you cannot afford to let your foot slip inside the shoe, you can’t afford slipping on the surface you are running or jumping on.

Recommendations of the Best CrossFit Shoes for Beginners

While you should be looking for trainers that can handle every WOD, a specific weakness might motivate you to lean towards a certain type of shoe. Or maybe you just want different pairs for different WODs?

If you are more focused on weightlifting:

best crossfit shoes for beginners

There are several great choices if you think you need more support in the weightlifting department. But we recommend the Adidas Performance Crazypower TR M for beginners, which is reviewed (among others) on our list of the cheap CrossFit Shoes for 2018. In short, the trainer has a lower heel and a good reputation for providing amazing lateral support. But it also ticks the right boxes in terms of durability, flexibility in the midsole, and enough traction for any surface.

Additional Recommendations for Weightlifting:

  • Reebok Nano Flexweave 8.0
  • Nike Metcon 5
  • Nobull Training Shoe

If you are more focused on Running:

best crossfit shoes for beginners

When you want the best support for running purposes, we suggest the New Balance MX40V1, which is found on our list of the best CrossFit shoes for men and women. These are lightweight and won’t wear you down, while the trainers provide more than sufficient ventilation. Of course, the trainer’s ability to absorb shock is really impressive, and it is versatile enough to use for moderate lifting.

Additional Recommendations for Running:

  • Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit
  • Nike Train Speed 4 Running Shoe
  • Reebok Nano 7

If you are more focused on Gymnastics

crossfit shoes

For gymnastics and probably the best CrossFit shoes for beginners overall, consider the latest Metcon models from Nike. You can find the comparison between the older and newer versions right here. Even though the Metcon 5 has only just been released, most agree it’s an upgrade from the impressive Metcon 4. And while the latter is slightly better for lifting, the Metcon 5 is incredibly versatile. From rope climbs to running to powerlifting, it is a stable training shoe under extreme conditions.

Additional Recommendations for Gymnastics:

  • Inov-8 F-Lite 250 Cross-Trainer Shoe
  • Nike Metcon Repper DSX
  • New Balance 713v3

Choosing the Best CrossFit Shoes for Beginners

Keep in mind that these are just recommendations. Given that athletes have different needs and requirements, there could be another CrossFit shoe on one of our lists that fits you better. But if you take into considerations for what to look in the best trainers, you will quickly find a pair that perfectly supports your WODs.

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