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Apple Watch for Crossfit – The Perfect Workout Partner?

When it comes to wearable technology and fitness, most people can agree a lot of tweaking still needs to be done. More specifically, the limitations of wearable technology that track things like your heart rate can be frustrating, especially if you take your WODs very seriously. Being specific is a big part of Crossfit, whether you’re talking about technique or keeping score. And having in-depth details about your current level of health can help follow a more effective plan, which brings up the topic of heart rate monitors, and the new Apple Watch for Crossfit purposes.

Heart Rate Monitors and Apple Watch for Crossfit

apple watch heart rate monitor resting heart rate

As you are reading this, there are a multitude of fitness tracking devices on the market, each with its specific features and faults. And for the most part, Crossfit athletes prefer monitors that get strapped to the chest. But can this trend eventually change thanks to the Apple Watch 4, which comes with an optical sensor and bunch of other features?

Instead of strapping it to your chest, which could be an issue for some, it fits around the wrist like a typical accessory, while the sensors at the bottom of the watch need to maintain contact with your skin. It looks great, it fits well, and it is very lightweight. But the question is whether the Apple Watch 4 can potentially be one of the best training partners a Crossfit athlete can have?

The best way to get an objective answer is to look at the overall package, as well as the current limitations. Seeing as not every single person will like what they read, or even care to try the watch. But if you are one of those who like to maintain an edge with wearable technology, this is what you need to know about the Apple Watch 4.

Special Features Relevant to Crossfit

You will uncover a magnitude of features with the Apple Watch 4, but for the sake of saving time, we are going to focus on the features a Crossfit athlete can find appealing. So, in no specific order, you can use the watch for:

Sport-Watch Design

apple watch crossfitEssentially, the Apple Watch 4 is designed for professional athletes and active people alike. At the same time, it is stylish and discreet. And while you can’t go to dinner with a monitor strapped to your chest, you can wear the Apple watch and most likely only get compliments.

So, if you like the idea that the watch stays on wherever you go, this is a good feature to start with. Whether you love swimming, running, or Crossfit, the watch should stay in place quite comfortably. It’s also water resistant up to 50 meters.

Fitness and Motion Tracking

apple watch crossfit ecgSure, it’s great having a device that helps you keep track of your current workout, but what about the rest of the day? With the Apple watch you can have 24-hour monitoring of your activity, and how it influences you physically. The best part is that the watch can sense when you start working out, as well as remind you to turn on the Workout app.

Detailed Weather and Temperature

The humidity and temperature inside a room can influence your workout, and knowing when these factors are applicable can help you adapt. And as you’ve guessed, the watch can give you the surrounding temperature as well as the weather forecast.

Music while Working Out

Apple Watch crossfit musicThere is nothing like music to keep you motivated during a WOD, and the Apple Watch 4 can have you listening to your favorite tunes via Bluetooth speakers. Also, you can connect the watch with other fitness equipment.


Heart Rate Monitor

apple watch crossfit sensor

Heart sensor

The sensors at the bottom of the watch are responsible for reading your heart rate and other health-related elements, like the calories you burn. However, seeing as the ECG feature of the watch is not the big focal point, you will be limited in terms of what information you get.

The Challenges

It’s important that you don’t invest in the Apple Watch 4 with the idea that it’s like having a physician strapped to your wrist. Yes, it can alert you to many things and provide crucial information, but you want to approach your purchase with a broader perspective. For example, if you are a Crossfit athlete, you don’t have to worry about sweating too much with the Apple Watch 4. But here are some of the challenges Crossfit athletes have encountered.

  • Armbands

Athletes that wear armbands or wrist supports obviously has trouble implementing the watch, given the necessity for skin contact. But some athletes simply recommended wearing the watch a litte higher.

  • Pushing Buttons During Workout

Another common problem reported by Crossfitters was how they accidentally pushed the crown and activate Siri when doing a pushup or kettlebell snatches. The recommended solution was to either wear the watch with the face at the bottom of your wrist, or to reposition the crown (which is possible). Alternatively, you can do both and make sure you don’t press any buttons by accident.

Working The Apple Watch for Crossfit – Pros & Cons

apple watch for crossfit

It would be ignorant to assume that everyone is going to love the Apple watch for Crossfit, but don’t be surprised if you start seeing more athletes sporting these accessories. The watch was made with physical fitness in mind, and while some updates will be appreciated for more specific stats, it definitely has the potential to become your perfect workout partner. So, here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons if the Apple 4 watch caught your attention.

The Pros

  • Tracks your activity all day long
  • Heart-monitoring sensors and fitness app
  • Sweat and water resistent
  • Music player
  • Synchronization with compatible fitness equipment
  • Stylish and ready for casual wear
  • The Cons

  • Lack of software support in terms of tracking specific workouts
  • All the senors have to make a connection with your skin at all times
  • Some consider the watch a little too pricey
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