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Andrea Ager – The Cute Face of CrossFit

This is one of those articles where I can just post a bunch of pictures and it will go viral among the guys, because her name is Andrea Ager.

In most sporting events there are always a few women who stand out from the rest. They become celebrities for their impressive achievements, but they also enjoy a strong following thanks to their social personalities. In CrossFit she’s known as the AgerBomb, and it’s obvious why she has earned this nickname, because she pops. She makes CrossFit look even better and she can rock a WOD with the best of them.


Where it Started

Andrea was born on February 16, 1988, and introduced to CrossFit while in college. According to an interview with The Athletic Build, after sitting through a CrossFit presentation by one of her fellow students, she got stuck on the words “race against the clock”. By that time she was already part of the track team and well accustomed to sports. In high school she played volleyball and swam, but it was her love for track that ultimately won her focus. She mostly competed in short distance running, like the 400m hurdles, 200m and 4x400m relay, although she did take on the 800m as well. As for other track events, she competed in the triple jump. While attending Mesa State University in Colorado, also her native state, she earned a degree in Exercise Science, so you know this girl is well aware of what she’s doing. After officially starting her CrossFit career in September 2010, she moved to California in 2011.



Fran 2:27
Helen 0:00
Grace 1:42
Filthy 50 17:59
Fight Gone Bad 0
Sprint 400m 0:57
Run 5k 20:20


Clean & Jerk 215 lb
Snatch 165 lb
Deadlift 325 lb
Back Squat 275 lb
Max Pull-ups 66


Diet and Lifestyle

The AgerBomb is all about CrossFit. In fact, she lives and breathes it. Five days a week she does high volume WODs and her diet mostly consists of red meat, eggs, vegetables, milk, lean meat, fruit and potatoes. In case you were wondering about her favorite and least favorite exercise, it’s the over head squat for the former, and paralette HSPU for the latter.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Andrea is a social butterfly and she is incredibly passionate when it comes to people. This is somewhat of an obvious characteristic and her attitude proves it. She loves her fans so much she maintains a blog about where she’ll be and other interesting stuff. Of course, she’s not perfect and she’s had her ups and downs, but it’s athletes like Andrea that make following CrossFit worth it.

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