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An Exciting 2016 CrossFit Recap

The 2016 CrossFit games has left future competitors with a daunting task, because it was nothing short of amazing. Some new names, like Brent Fikowski, made sure everyone will remember him when 2017 comes around, while we saw Kara Webb facing a particular demon with more than just a little style. And of course there were individuals like Mat Fraser, Ben Smith, Sam Briggs and Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir who showed the world what tough competition is really about. In light of an electrifying event, here is a 2016 CrossFit Recap of some of the best moments.

2016 CrossFit Recap of the one’s to look out for

Kara Webb and MURPH

In 2015 Australian born Kara Webb managed to finish MURPH, but it also left her on a stretcher and her fans very worried. Not this year though. Webb didn’t just finish MURPH, but she did it with energy to spare. In fact, she looked so pumped afterward she probably could’ve gone a second time. Webb may not have finished first overall, but she did walk away with the Spirit of the Games award due to her resiliency.


However, it wasn’t just Webb who impressed the crowd. Scraping by the finish line during the last seconds was Jennifer Smith. She partially tore a ligament during the 7km run, which caused severe pain throughout the rest of the Games where running was concerned. But like the hardworking girl she is, Smith finished the event and officially told MURPH to go…well, you get the idea.

Sam Briggs Kicking Ass

If Sam Briggs is part of the competition then you know something special is going to happen. This year she had several ups and downs, but once again she surprised everyone on numerous occasions. There was one event in particular that will brand her name on the CrossFit legend list, and it was the 7km run. After starting at the front of the pack and literally keeping the guys on their toes, she maintained an intense pace till the end. But the best part is that she finished 3rd overall, beating everyone except for Ben Smith and Mat Fraser.

The Rookies make Waves

There’s no denying that the biggest highlight was Fraser in just about every respect, but when it came to the rookies this year you have to give credit where it’s due. One of the names that stand out is Zak Carchedi, who blazed through the pegboard like he was born on the thing. This exercise might be a sore thumb for most of the competitors, but Zak finished 19 seconds ahead of the favorite, Fraser.

The Unbroken Handstand

She may not have had the most convincing win this year, but Katrin Davíðsdóttir ensured that spectators left with some memorable moments. In this case, she showed off her amazing gymnastics skills by completing the 280 foot handstand walk in one sitting. Yes, she ate the event for breakfast and she liked it. This also brought her back to the top, after falling into second place behind Tia-Clair Toomey, her biggest challenge throughout the games.


Sam Dancer brings the Deadlift to Life

What do you say to a guy who can lift 615 pounds? Nothing, absolutely nothing. You keep your mouth shut and quickly walk away. In other words, if you feel like getting in a fight with someone, don’t let it be Sam Dancer. After having a very difficult 7km run he took on the deadlift ladder that started at 425 pounds. Apparently the maximum of 615 pounds wasn’t enough for Sam either. And forget about competition, because he was the only guy who could successfully complete the event.

Brent Fikowski gets Emotional

He just missed a top 3 position, but to everyone else Brent Fikowski is pretty much a champion. He’s part of the rookie wave mentioned earlier and he took no less than 4 events in his first try at the Games. This guy has a stamina level that doesn’t know the meaning of taking a breather, but he did shed a few tears after the final event.

2016 CrossFit Recap: The Stand-Off

The longest lasting climax of the Games had to be the heated competition between Katrin and Tia-Clair. They have a history of pushing each other, and every year it just seems to get more intense. This year was no different. After Katrin cleared the Handstand Walk it was time for the suicide sprints, which kept everyone at the edge of their seats. The energy that surrounded this particular event was more than just a little inspiring and deserves a highlight spot.

Mat Fraser

At no point during the games could anybody question Mat Fraser’s position. He was going to win, it was simply a matter of how well he’d do it. His biggest competition and last year’s winner, Smith, tried his best to keep up, but Fraser was unstoppable since the start at the ranch. With one 1st place and seven 2nd place finishes, he showed the world he was a well-rounded athlete and a force to be reckoned with by setting a record for the biggest winning margin, 197 points.

Mathew Fraser

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